NYU Doctoral Program in Physics Shanghai Track

NYU Doctoral Program in Physics Shanghai Track

Overview of the Doctoral Program

New York University invites applications for the Shanghai Track Doctoral Program in Physics. Students in the Shanghai track will normally spend one year at NYU in New York for course work before joining NYU Shanghai full time to work with their advisor on their Ph.D. thesis research. While in NYU Shanghai, students will continue to receive broad exposure to the field of physics, maintaining close ties with New York, and receiving an NYU Ph.D. in Physics.


About NYU Shanghai

NYU Shanghai is the third degree-granting campus in NYU’s global network, joining NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU's campus in New York City. It is also the first Sino-US joint venture university approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.  NYU Shanghai graduate students in physics will also be involved in The NYU-ECNU Institute of Physics at NYU Shanghai, a joint institute between NYU and ECNU, building on and expanding on their existing strengths. In addition to fostering US-Chinese scientific collaborations --- including a large international component --- the Institute combines and leverages the existing strengths of physics research at the three institutions: particle physics and cosmology; hard and soft condensed matter physics; biological physics; atomic, molecular, and optical physics; nanomaterials; and expertise in precision laser spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance.

The institute features an active visitor program, a regular seminar series, and conferences and workshops. But most importantly, it actively works to create and strengthen research collaborations among scholars from many different universities and research areas. A central component of its mission is to identify new and exciting theoretical and experimental research directions, especially in the frontier areas of laser spectroscopy, quantum condensed matter, quantum manipulation and information, and precision measurements.


NYU Physics Doctoral Education

At NYU Shanghai, physics graduate education provides an opportunity to be exposed to world-class research and facilities pushing forward the forefront of physics.  Our doctoral training program in physics builds on the key strengths of the physics faculty at NYU Shanghai, in particular condensed matter physics, fluid dynamics, and atomic molecular optics/quantum information. Both theoretical and experimental programs are offered.  The Shanghai track is a specialized track combining the long-standing strength of NYU’s physics program based in New York with the unique environment for research and training together with the NYU-ECNU Institute of Physics at NYU Shanghai. Students who participate in the track will benefit from NYU’s global vision of transformative teaching and innovative research.

Students in the NYU Shanghai track must satisfy all requirements of the NYU Physics Ph.D. program. All candidates for the Ph.D. degree must complete 72 points of credit, at least 32 in residence at the Graduate School, and achieve a grade point average (GPA) of B (3.0) or better. The Ph.D. program is aimed at enabling a student to prepare for and carry out research in physics at the frontier of knowledge. Students are encouraged to enter into dissertation research under the supervision of a faculty member as soon as one has attained sufficient mastery of the fundamental principles and techniques of physics. Depth and breadth within the larger context of contemporary physics are promoted by a flexible set of course requirements. Further information on the Ph.D. Program is available at here.



Application to the NYU Shanghai Track Doctoral Program in Physics is done online on the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences site. During the application, students interested in the Shanghai track must select the Shanghai campus. Applicants who choose the Shanghai track must indicate in their essays their research interests and also the faculty at NYU Shanghai they would most like to work with for their dissertation. The deadline for application is in December for enrollment in the subsequent Fall semester.

Further details of the program and application requirements are available on the GSAS site. Additional questions should be directed to Vivien Du (xd7@nyu.edu), Office of Graduate and Advanced Education, or Prof. Tim Byrnes (tim.byrnes@nyu.edu).