Study Away Out of Shanghai

Global education is an essential component of NYU Shanghai’s educational mission and curriculum. It permeates every aspect of our educational environment, including a core curriculum designed to foster cross-cultural understanding and communication, and the requirement that students study away within NYU’s global network for at least one semester.

Explore & Plan Your Study Away

Students can choose to study away at one of NYU’s 12 global academic centers, one of NYU's two degree-granting campuses (New York or Abu Dhabi), or at an approved International Exchange Program (IEP). Students can explore potential study away locations based on their academic interest. Attend a Study Away Event to help with your planning.

Study Away Policy 

Semester(s): Students are required to complete one semester of study away. Students may choose to study away for up to two semesters within the 4-semester window (second semester sophomore year through first-semester senior year).

Location: Students cannot study away in NY or AD during the spring of their sophomore year. Students must be in attendance in Shanghai for their final semester.

Credits: Students may take a total of 36 credits in other divisions of NYU, including any courses for particular minors approved by NYU Shanghai. 

Study Away Eligibility

Academic standing: Students should be in good academic standing to be eligible to apply for study away. Students on probation are not eligible to study away.

GPA: Suggested GPA of 3.0 or higher; students with lower GPAs are encouraged to provide insight into their academic goals in a personal statement when applying for outbound study away.

Language requirement: Chinese students are required to have completed 8 credits of English for Academic Purposes. International students are required to have completed Elementary Chinese II or Elementary Chinese for Advanced Beginners.

Global Certificates

NYU Shanghai encourages students to develop leadership skills and create ties to their communities. The Global Certificate Program enables students to achieve leadership, personal development, and involvement goals through coursework, volunteer work, and leadership experiences. Their requirements promote opportunities for teamwork, leadership, and community service, along with the practical application of skills learned in NYU Global Network courses. Learn more about global certificates.

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Study Away FAQs

1. What are J-term and Summer abroad opportunities for NYU Shanghai students?

NYU Shanghai students have the opportunity to take January Term (J-term) or summer courses in NYU's global network. Tuition for J-term or summer session courses is charged in addition to tuition for spring and fall semesters; Typically, financial aid is not available for J-terms or summer sessions.

January Term Opportunities Abroad

Each January, NYU offers 3-week intensive courses at some of NYU’s global locations. Students can register for one 4-credit OR two 2-credit J-term courses. Please visit NYU’s January Term website to explore J-term opportunities abroad.

Summer Opportunities Abroad

Students can register for two summer sessions and two courses at maximum in each session. Please note that non-US citizens may need to obtain a student visa in order to take summer courses in New York, and must enroll in a minimum of 6 credits.

Contact your academic advisor for hold clearance in order to register for J-term or summer courses (see Registration Guidance here). To discuss your visa needs, please contact the Shanghai mobility team (


2. How can I prepare for my study away?

Step 1: Complete the Checklist for Study Away Considerations -- a guideline which will help you narrow down which location(s) fits your academic, professional, and personal goals.


Academic considerations:

  1. Use Study Away Pathways to identify potential sites that offer your major courses.
  2. Explore Cross-School Minors that complement your academic plans.
  3. Check Global Courses Satisfying Shanghai Degree Requirements for course fulfillment guidance.

Professional Considerations:

  1. Research Study Away Internships opportunities.

Personal Considerations:

  1. Review Study Away Costs & Financial Aid for financial planning.
  2. Consult Student Mobility for information about visas.
  3. Explore Housing options across different locations.
  4. Review Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging and Equity resources for each community.
Step 2: Attend Global Week -- a week of study away info sessions, during which you can also meet with the global programs team and hear about other students’ study away experiences.
Step 3: Complete the Study Away Decision Matrix to analyze your study away options.
Step 4: Consult with an academic advisor to finalize your study away decision.


3. Language Requirements at Study Away Locations

Proficiency in the local language is not required prior to arrival, but many sites require a language course during the semester of study away.

Students are required to take a language course in Berlin (German), Buenos Aires (Spanish), Florence (Italian), Madrid (Spanish), Paris (French), and Tel Aviv (Hebrew or Arabic).

Optional language courses are available in Abu Dhabi (Arabic and Chinese), Accra (Twi), Prague (Czech, German, Polish, or Russian), and New York (many options).


4. What are the academic requirements during study away?

NYU Shanghai students must take a full load of courses (at least 12 credits) in each semester of study away.


5. Leave of Absence and Probation Students Study Away Policy

Students who return from leave of absence

Students returning from a leave of absence are expected to successfully complete one academic semester (Fall or Spring) of full-time coursework in Shanghai before being eligible to enroll in a study away program.

Students who are on probation

NYU Shanghai follows the Office of Global Programs policy regarding academic/ disciplinary probation and study away admission. Students currently on probation are ineligible to apply for study away.


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