Vision, Values, and Mission


NYU Shanghai exemplifies the highest ideals of contemporary higher education by uniting the intellectual resources of New York University’s global network with the multidimensional greatness of China. It guides students toward academic and moral excellence, preparing them for leadership in all walks of life, and it contributes to the endless quest for new insights into the human condition and the natural world.


NYU Shanghai operates in accord with the values of curiosity, rigor, integrity, respect, harmony, responsibility, and deep engagement with all humanity.


NYU Shanghai aspires to offer outstanding teaching, research, and public service.

In teaching, NYU Shanghai aspires to prepare its students for lives of discovery, satisfaction and contribution. They will study with superb teachers who nurture their capacity for original, rigorous, and critical thinking, and with diverse and intellectually gifted classmates. They will pursue a liberal education in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. They will immerse themselves in English, the language of international communication. They will master the skills of cross-cultural effectiveness in a community where half are from China and half are from other lands. They will reflect upon the role that great cities play in human progress, and upon the interdependent relationship between China and the rest of the world.

In research, NYU Shanghai aspires to produce original, rigorous, and important insights across a broad set of academic domains. Such insights do more than extend existing knowledge in predictable ways; they provide fresh understanding that is fully consistent with our observations and at the same time promise to have a significant influence on the thinking of others.

In public service, NYU Shanghai aspires to promote healthy development within the many communities it inhabits. It strives to be a responsible actor in the individual lives of students, teachers, and staff; in the local neighborhoods that surround its campus; in the district of Pudong, the city of Shanghai, and the nation of China; in New York University; in the interdependent society of humankind; and in a fully global ecosystem.