Hazin stands in front of Olympic rings against Tokyo skyline

Meet Jeremy Hazin ’25, NYU Shanghai's First Olympian!

Jeremy Hazin ’25 shares his experience as an Olympic athlete in Tokyo.
Zuo looks pensively up under shadow of buildings

Zuo Lala: Storytelling Through Architecture

"Shanghai is an architectural museum. In it, we can see... tradition, history,...
Ling Mei cover

Ling Mei MA TESOL ’21: Teaching Chinese in Saudi Arabia

A TESOL graduate finds her value in overcoming cultural differences in language...

Lancelot Zhang Qilin ’21: Language is the Silk that Weaves Community Together

When he was three years old Lancelot Zhang Qilin ’21 was confident he could...
senior profile

Sydney Fontalvo '21: Transforming Exploration into Real Change

"You can't just look at things through one lens, one field... to get the wider...
senior profile

Kong Xiaoyan '21: Set on Making a Difference

“There are people who have the privilege to come to universities, and there are...

Zane Fadul ’21: Rising to the Occasion

A computer science major talks about the importance of personal agency and...
Ma runs in crowd

Bruce Ma Jiaji '21: Running the Research Marathon

"I had come so far. I knew I had to reach the finish line, even if I had to...
Taylah Bland portrait photo

Taylah Bland '21: Seizing Every Opportunity

Taylah Bland talks about self-designing a major, leading student government,...
Shumpei Haginoya cover

Shumpei Haginoya: From Police Station to Ivory Tower

How a postdoc found his way from the precinct to Century Avenue.
miss korea seobyn ryu banner2

Jessica Seobyn Ryu: Becoming Miss Korea

Jessica was crowned “Miss Korea Sun” in the 2020 Miss Korea pageant, signing a...
he fangqing zhang zheng chen zhibin

Professor and Students Work Together to Build an Intelligent Parking App

The app not only won first prize in a research competition, but also laid a...