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Why apply to NYU Shanghai?

NYU Shanghai is the first Sino-American University. Our location in the heart of China's largest city, and fluid identity as an institution of higher education that is simultaneously American and Chinese positions our students to be successful in any discipline, anywhere in the world after graduation. At NYU Shanghai, you will:

  • Experience cross-cultural exchange: Experience China as a local, from attaining proficiency in Chinese to exploring internships in multiple industries. Become proficient in Mandarin Chinese through cultural immersion in and outside of the classroom. Engage with a diverse student body that’s half from China and half from over 70 countries around the world.

  • Draw on an unsurpassed location:  Study in a city that is home to both exciting start-ups and some of the world’s most successful businesses, attracting scholars and innovators who share your intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm for new experiences, and openness to different ways of thinking.

  • Explore ideas with world-renowned faculty:  Learn from and conduct research with NYU professors in classes with an 8-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio that are structured around discourse and debate.

  • Join an expansive network: Draw on the academic resources of the largest private research university in the United States and become a part of a global alumni network of over 500,000.  

Are you ready for NYU Shanghai?

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Applying to NYU Shanghai from China? Visit Chinese Undergraduate Admissions for information on how to apply for Chinese students.

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