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Our approach to learning combines the best aspects of a great research university and an outstanding liberal arts college.

  • Roommates: Dayna and Yuxin

    Together these two have dealt with everything from dorm-room mosquitoes to Descartes.

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  • Violet Spotlight: Zane

    Zane Fadul '21 started a club on campus called Splice with some of my friends. We wanted to help people learn about computer science...

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  • Li Xiang: Breaking Barriers

    NYU Shanghai has transformed me into a global citizen, and has empowered me to believe in all possibilities.

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  • Graduate Spotlight: Sevi

    Sevi Reyes ‘18 from the Philippines, created a robotic arm to aid those with disabilities, he also co-founded NYU Shanghai’s tennis team and was Global Vice President of Student Government. After graduation, he’ll be working as a business analyst for

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  • Graduate Spotlight: Alexandru

    NYU Shanghai is a very unique environment. It has everything a traditional education could offer...

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  • Graduate Spotlight: Nan Zhao

    Early on in my childhood, I learned traditional art forms like oil painting and sketching, but I wanted to make art that was meaningful to people and create designs that were a two-way conversation with the audience.

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  • Graduate Spotlight: Defne Inhan

    When I told my friends I might go to China for my undergraduate studies, they thought I was crazy,” says Defne Inhan ‘18, from Turkey. But after studying abroad during high school, she knew she wanted to study in an international environment.

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  • Graduate Spotlight: Angelina Ye

    At NYU Shanghai we’ve had the opportunity to build something from zero,” says Angelina Ye ‘18, a business and finance major and Shanghai native.

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  • Roommates: Matthew and Tianwei

    Matthew and Tianwei first met through a Facebook group for incoming freshmen. After exchanging messages on WeChat and QQ, their friendship was sealed when they were randomly paired as roommates in their first year.

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  • spotlight

    Course Spotlight: Machine Learning

    Facing a reality of self-driving cars, automated robotics, and human-like digital assistants, it's no surprise that Machine Learning has become one of NYU Shanghai's most popular courses. ...

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  • live

    NYU Shanghai in Pictures 2018

    From a late January snow day to Finals week, 2018 was a year of new experiences and wonderful memories for the NYU Shanghai community....

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