In Focus

  • brian hanssen

    As Generation Z prepares to enter the workforce, they present interesting challenges in working with older employers. How these young people, born in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, will work with older generations is a phenomenon worth studying. Brian Hanssen, Clinical Assistant Professor of Business at NYU Shanghai, connects the theoretical with the practical and presents findings to better...

  • Doing Business With China

    A few weeks ago, students in Professor Heini Shi’s course, Doing Business With China, found themselves holding class at a music and fitness studio on Shanghai’s famous West Nanjing Road, learning firsthand some of the realities of owning, operating and building an enterprise in China.

  • Professor Zhao Lu

    Assistant Professor of Global China Studies, Zhao Lu has always been fascinated by how people think and learn.

  • Pierre Tarrès

    Associate Professor of Mathematics Pierre Tarrès says he works well while he walks. One of his favorite places to walk is on the Bund and toward the Fairmont Peace Hotel, where he can be surrounded by its rich history, architecture, and views of Shanghai.

  • Teng Lu

    As a philosopher, Teng Lu, from Hunan province, is particularly interested in epistemology (the theory of knowledge), and philosophy of mind—a branch of philosophy that studies the nature of the mind and its relationship to the physical body.

  • Wang Jie

    On October 6, a Chinese language version of the beloved Broadway musical, The Sound of Music, opened at the Shanghai Grand Theater. If you look and listen closely, a familiar NYU Shanghai face will be wearing a nun’s habit and singing one of the showstoppers.

  • China is one of the most rapidly growing nations in the world, and Shanghai is at the vanguard of its development. As Dylan Crow and Isabella Baranyk, both Interactive Media Arts (IMA) majors at NYU Shanghai, got to know the city, they became interested in the communities of migrant workers who were responsible for building the skyline that was rising around them.

  • Students team up to collaboratively design digital learning resources and experiences, a process that starts with understanding the needs of their end-users—in this context, the tech-hungry youth of today’s China.

  • Investing in information technology is one of the best ways to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the future, says Enric Junqué de Fortuny, assistant professor of information systems and business analytics at NYU Shanghai. His advice for business professionals: focus on learning how to interpret information rather than pursuing the rapid changes of technology.

  • National online shopping days like China’s Double 11 (also know as Single’s Day) ignite the enthusiasm of millions of online shoppers, but many are left perplexed by the rules that can come with coupon applications. Dengfeng Yan, Visiting Associate Professor of Marketing at NYU Shanghai,...

  • With internet technology at an overwhelming peak of progress and innovation, the rapid growth of digital marketing comes as no surprise. Jeffrey Lee, visiting assistant professor of marketing at NYU Shanghai draws on his experience in analytics to share why digital marketing is now one of...

  • Jing Chen is a visiting associate professor of business at NYU Shanghai whose research interests span entrepreneurship, strategic human capital management, and the dynamics of start-ups. Here, she shares how entrepreneurs can have a positive impact on humanity.


  • You did it! Here's a look back on your four incredible years at NYU Shanghai.

  • Professor, artist, and coder Roopa Vasudevan explores the U.S. political climate using social media data.

  • NYU Shanghai is marking International Women’s Day this March 8 with photos and stories that celebrate female empowerment.