Interdisciplinary Colloquium

Supported by the Office of the Provost, the Interdisciplinary Colloquium (IDC) is a series of events designed to foster the STEM research environment at NYU Shanghai and interdisciplinary collaboration within and cross-institutions. For each event, we invite a distinguished guest speaker to talk about cutting edge science not only for people in their specialty area but also people in other research areas. The speaker meets with our faculty, PhD students, and postdocs, and gives a one-hour lecture open to all.

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IDC Organizing Committee

The IDC organizing committee is composed of faculty, staff and doctoral students from a variety of research fields/interests who volunteer to help plan and organize the IDC events. They are responsible for event planning, deciding event dates and speakers.

Current Committee

Zhong-Lin Lu, Professor of Neuroscience

Congyi Lu, Assistant Director of PhD program
Gang Fang, Assistant Professor of Biology
Jun Zhang, Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Mathieu Laurière, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Data Science
Shuyang Ling, Assistant Professor of Data Science
Vivien Du, Manager of PhD & Research Fellowship Programs
Xiang Sun, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Xiaoai Lu, PhD student

Members are for a term of approximately 12 months. We welcome faculty, staff, PhD students and postdocs from different STEM research fields to join the committee. If you want to be part of the committee, please fill out this form. Submissions will be reviewed by the current committee and the applicants will be contacted.

Nominate a speaker

To ensure successful and productive IDC series, we welcome you to nominate accomplished researchers who are also outstanding speakers from a diversity of STEM research backgrounds to be guest speakers. To nominate a speaker, please fill out this form. Submissions will be reviewed periodically and nominators will be contacted.

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