Sunnie Sun shared what it is like to make a living on her life as a fashion blogger.

Over the past year, wild swings in the Chinese stock market have drawn worldwide attention.

Big data is not for geeks only; it affects us all.

Is knowledge only defined by empirical proof, or can it also be measured in a cup of tea by our senses, movements...

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To what degree can technology help save cultural heritage, endangered by encroaching development activities? The answer might be ambivalent. However, as bulldozers and cranes draw near, NYU Shanghai’s Richard Lewei Huang ‘17 created a virtual replica -- “Cardboard Shikumen”  -- of his disappearing Shikumen hometown...

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In his bestselling Here Comes Everybody, Internet guru Clay Shirky provided readers with a much-needed primer for the digital age.

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The Literary Reading Series at NYU Shanghai, a project of the Writing...