Open Positions

NYU Shanghai aims to attract outstanding candidates who are professional, experienced (or with great potential), highly motivated, interested in higher education, and who thrive on the unique challenges of a multicultural environment.

"I joined NYU Shanghai to globalize myself in parallel with NYU's own globalization. From students to teachers, being part of NYU Shanghai means embarking on a common mission which is exciting, rewarding, exhilarating – and great fun. Rarely is one afforded such a chance to help shape an institution from within while simultaneously challenging one's own worldview."

- Alexander Geppert, Associate Professor of European History, Global Network Professor, NYU, NYU Shanghai

"NYU Shanghai is developing to have two outstanding features that usually are difficult to combine in one institution: 1) Outstanding colleagues in your own and allied disciplines to interact with on an academic research level. 2) Smallness of size that encourages many interactions with top-notch colleagues in very different disciplines from your own."

- Charles Newman, Director of the NYU-ECNU Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU Shanghai; Affiliated Professor, NYU Shanghai; Silver Professor of Mathematics, NYU, Courant Institute of Mathematics; Global Network Professor, NYU, NYU Shanghai


Position Status Apply Position Inquiries
Clinical Instructor - Interactive Media and Business Open
Clinical Instructor - Interactive Media Arts Open
Clinical Professor (Open Rank); Director of Chinese Language Open
Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes Open
Lecturer, Writing Program Open
Non-Tenure - Mathematics Open
Non-tenure - Neural Science Open
One-Year Visiting Professor - China Specialist in the Humanities Open
Tenured/Tenure-track - Accounting Open
Tenured/Tenure-track - Computer Science Open
Tenured/Tenure-track - Data Science (Mathematics) Open
Tenured/Tenure-track - Environmental Science Open
Tenured/Tenure-track - Interactive Media and Business Open
Tenured/Tenure-track - Mathematics Open
Tenured/Tenure-track - Political Science Open
Visiting Professor - Economics Open
Visiting Professor - Social Sciences Open