Compliance and Risk Management

Department of Compliance and Risk Management

One of the missions of the Department of Compliance and Risk Management is to assist Shanghai New York University (“NYU Shanghai”) in operating lawfully and ethically.              It takes substantive responsibility of including but not limited to the compliance review and monitoring, providing compliance trainings and maintaining the compliance complaint reporting line. The department is also committed to assist the university in identifying risks and in working toward mitigating and managing these risks.

Compliance Complaint Reporting Line

NYU Shanghai encourages the disclosure of any misconduct or non-compliance issue discovered by NYU Shanghai community member and any person associated with or doing business with NYU Shanghai, for the purpose of building and maintaining a culture of compliance, ethics, and integrity. If you discover or notice any misconduct, non-compliance issue or risk concern, we encourage you to report through the NYU Shanghai Compliance Complaint Reporting Line.

To ensure that you can report easily, there are three reporting channels available to you.

You can (i) dial compliance complaint hotline: 021-20595258, (ii) log on NYU Shanghai compliance complaint reporting website by clicking here or (iii) send complaint e-mail to: The reporting services are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Subject to applicable laws, you may choose to file your complaint either in real name or anonymously. If you would like to remain anonymous, you are not required to provide any personal information. All complaints will be handled by the appropriate university officials promptly, seriously and fairly, and kept in strict confidence regardless of the reporting approach you take. Retaliation for filing a complaint is prohibited.