Compliance and Risk Reporting Line

NYU Shanghai is committed to operating consistent with applicable laws, regulations and NYU Shanghai policies and procedures. In accordance with the Compliance Complaint Policy, NYU Shanghai encourages the good faith reporting of misconduct or compliance and risk issues identified by any member of the NYU Shanghai community or any person associated with or doing business with NYU Shanghai. Also, if you have questions regarding compliance and risk concerns, NYU Shanghai policies, or best business practices, we encourage you to raise these questions to the Compliance and Risk Management Department in the manner described below.  

Examples of matters that may be reported include: 

•    Code of Ethical Conduct Violations
•    Conflicts of Interest
•    Financial and Business Integrity Issues
•    Misuse of University Property or Assets
•    Research Related Issues
•    Export, Import and Trade Issues
•    Employment Issues
•    Workplace Safety
•    Operational Risks


Reports can be made as follows:

(i)    To a supervisor, the Compliance and Risk Management Department, or the General Counsel; or
(ii)    Through the NYU Shanghai Compliance and Risk Reporting Line by submitting an online report here; and/or
(iii)    By emailing

These reporting services are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Reports can be submitted in Chinese and/or English. Questions, complaints or concerns can be reported through the online system (option (i) above) anonymously. You must provide sufficient information about the nature of the conduct and participants to enable a review to be undertaken. If you choose to remain anonymous, your anonymity will be maintained to the fullest extent possible subject to applicable law. All reports will be handled by the appropriate university officials promptly, seriously and fairly, regardless of the reporting approach you take. 

NYU Shanghai policy protects anyone who files a report from retaliation.  No one who in good faith files a report or who cooperates in good faith with an NYU Shanghai investigation of a complaint will be subject to intimidation, harassment, discrimination, or other retaliation or, in the case of employees, adverse employment consequence.





•    违反道德行为准则
•    利益冲突
•    财务和商业诚信问题
•    滥用大学资产或财产
•    研究相关的问题
•    进出口和贸易问题
•    雇佣问题
•    工作场所安全问题
•    运营风险



(i)    可向报告人的上级、合规与风险管理部门、总法律顾问提出;或
(ii)    通过上海纽约大学合规与风控热线于此在线提交;和/或
(iii)    发送电子邮件至