Alumni Voices: Sang Rong ’17

Sang hopes to combine teamwork with community and corporate efforts to find...

Alumni Voices: Zhao Nan ’18

Zhao Nan '18 found her future direction under the guidance of NYU Shanghai...
richard and sherry

NYU Shanghai Love Story: Sherry Zhuang Chen ’17 and Richard Zhao Zeyu ’17

Back in Shanghai to prepare for their wedding, Sherry Zhuang Chen ’17, from...
wedding day, Sabrina and ZJ

NYU Shanghai Love Story: Sabrina Goodman ’19 and Lu Zijie ’19

For Qixi Festival, China's Valentine's Day, NYU Shanghai couples share their...
Julie and Max embrace before a sunset on their honeymoon in Italy

NYU Shanghai Love Story: Julie Flood Hauge ’17 and Maximilian Reiff ’17

Max and Julie take us back to the start of their adventure together--from...
Carter in a labcoat standing in the chemistry lab

Carter Christensen ’23: Leveling Up With Fresh Perspectives

Carter Christensen ’23 reflects on his four years learning chemistry, Chinese...
hanyu zhao

Sharon Zhao Hanyu ’23: Embracing the Unknown

When Sharon Zhao Hanyu ’23 was a high school senior in Ningbo, Zhejiang, she...
zhang yaqi cover

Kerry Zhang Yaqi ’23: Making Education Accessible

Zhang Yaqi ’23 looked back to her experience at a cram-focused, discipline-...
A solo photo of a man in glasses smiling, overlooking a backdrop of houses and mountains during sunset

Adib El Ounani ’23: Thriving Outside His Comfort Zone

Adib El Ounani '23 reflects on key aspects of his time at NYU Shanghai:...
Banner for Hu

Dennis Hu Shiyi ’23: Following His Heart

“NYU Shanghai taught me that the real benefit of every experience is getting to...

Alumni Voices: Jack B. Du ’17

Jack B. Du ’17, NYU Abu Dhabi Associate Arts Instructor of Interactive Media

Ariana Alvarez ’23: Creating Change Through Diplomacy

“Coming to Shanghai and seeing how some people could have two or three...