Ling Mei cover

Ling Mei MA TESOL ’21: Teaching Chinese in Saudi Arabia

A TESOL graduate finds her value in overcoming cultural differences in language...
Ma runs in crowd

Bruce Ma Jiaji '21: Running the Research Marathon

"I had come so far. I knew I had to reach the finish line, even if I had to...
Shumpei Haginoya cover

Shumpei Haginoya: From Police Station to Ivory Tower

How a postdoc found his way from the precinct to Century Avenue.
miss korea seobyn ryu banner2

Jessica Seobyn Ryu: Becoming Miss Korea

Jessica was crowned “Miss Korea Sun” in the 2020 Miss Korea pageant, signing a...
he fangqing zhang zheng chen zhibin

Professor and Students Work Together to Build an Intelligent Parking App

The app not only won first prize in a research competition, but also laid a...

From India to China, Tansen Sen’s Journey between Two Nations

In many ways, Sen was born to build a career between China and India.
Chen speaks at podium at NYU Shanghai commencement

Katie Chen Mengzhu '18: Connecting Engineering and Empathy

Lessons both in and outside of the classroom have carried Chen from Microsoft...
Mark West looking thoughtful

Setting a Standard: Mark West '17 Builds Equity in the Arts

“I realized that there was such a need for someone that looked like me to...

Lena Scheen: Understanding China Through Its Fiction

Since the COVID-19 outbreak last winter, Scheen has been staying with her...

Roommates: Mao Jiayi ’22 and Farheen Foad ’22

Farheen Foad ’22 and Mao Jiayi ’22 reminisce on roommate life.

A Life Lived in Dialogue: Chancellor Tong Shijun

“Of all the awards I have been given, I am most proud of this title – Best...

Yu Lizhong: A Founding Chancellor for Our Times

“It’s not important that people remember me.... It is much more important to...