Preprofessional Advising

Preprofessional advising is a resource to students who wish to pursue studies to prepare for careers in medicine or law. Academic advisors work with interested students to identify the undergraduate courses that will satisfy medical or law school admissions requirements. If you are interested in pursuing medicine or law, please email to set up a preprofessional advising appointment.



Students who are interested in pursuing medical or health careers do not necessarily need to major in math or science. Students can major in any discipline while completing medical school course requirements in tandem. Like many American colleges and universities, NYU Shanghai does not offer pre-medical, pre-dental, or pre-health majors. Above all, the best medical schools are looking for students with a broad undergraduate education who can think clearly, read critically, and write well.

Check the Pre-Health Handout for more information on Pre-Health resources (NYU Login required).


NYU Shanghai's core curriculum and its broad liberal arts education are essential to your preparation for law school. NYU Shanghai does not have a prelaw major, but law schools generally do not favor specific majors, and law students can come from a wide range of backgrounds. If you are interested in pursuing the law, you can major in any subject area of  interest during your undergraduate years. Since verbal, critical thinking, and research skills are at the heart of legal education, courses that are reading, writing, and research intensive are generally recommended.

Check the Pre-Law Handout for more information on Pre-Law resources (NYU Login required).

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