Honors Program Theses

Class of 2017

Bingqing He
Empirical Analysis of SSE 180 Index Effect on the China’s Stock Market PDF iconbingqing_he_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Wurgler

Chen Zhuang
The Impact of State Ownership on Earning Quality: A Comparison Between Private-owned Enterprises and State-owned Enterprises in China PDF iconchen_zhuang_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Paul Zarowin

Chenyang Mei
Trends Observed in the Chinese Peer-to-Peer Lending Market and Expected Changes on the Enactment of Regulations PDF icon chenyang_mei_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Theresa Kuchler

Dongning Fang
Analysis of Price-Volume Relationship In 2014-2016 Bull and Bear Markets PDF icondongning_fang_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: David Yermack

Fan Yang
Higher Education and Economic Growth in China PDF iconfrancis_yang_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Peter Henry 

Honghong Zhou
Art as an Investment: Risk and Return Characteristics of Chinese Contemporary Art PDF iconhonghong_zhou_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Philipp Schnabl

Jun Cai
Security Transaction Tax and Its Impact On Trading Volume and Return Volatility: A Stock-Level Approach PDF iconjun_cai_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Jeffery Wurgler

Kangni Yu
Risk Identification and Risk Allocation in Greenfield Public-Private Partnerships in China PDF iconkangni_yu_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Ingo Walter

Kaijie Wang
Non-performing Loans and its Impacts on Systemic Risk of Commercial Banks in China PDF iconkathy_wang_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Matthew Richardson

Qi Lu
Impact of Margin Trading on Chinese Bitcoin Market and Its Recent Reform PDF iconqi_lu_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: David L. Yermack

Qinmei Chen
Interpreting The Relationship Between Implied And Historical Volatility Through Sentiment AnalysisPDF iconqinmei_chen_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Stephen Figlewski

Shijie Yu
Theory and Evidence....Evaluating Bundle-Size Pricing with Simulation PDF iconshijie_yu_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Jiawei Zhang

Shuang Hu
RMB Exchange Rate and Stock Return Interactions In Chinese Financial Market: Evidence of CNY, CNH-CNY Spread and Capital Flow Change PDF iconshuang_sophie_hu_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Robert F. Whitelaw

Siyao Fang
Cross-listing A-Share and H-Share Stock Price Relationship Study: The Granger Causality Analysis Based on Establishment of Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect PDF iconsiyao_fang_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Stephen Figlewski

Tiange Ye
An Empirical Study Regards the Bank Level Systemic Risk and Wealth Management Products in China PDF icontiange_ye_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Viral V. Acharya

Tianshu Lyu
On Performance and Persistence of Mutual Funds in China PDF icontianshu_lyu_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Jennifer N. Carpenter

Xi Yang
China’s Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: SOE vs. Non-SOE PDF iconxi_yang_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Yakov Amihud

Xiaoyu Ma
Will Financial Performance Influence CSR Disclosure? --Empirical Evidence from 422 Chinese A-listed firms PDF iconxiaoyu_ma_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Brian Hanssen

Yaofei Wu
Performance Analysis of Shanghai Stock Exchange iVX Index and Its Potential for Risk Management PDF iconyaofei_wu_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Menachem Brenner

Zhijian Xu
How Internationalization of the renminbi Contributes to Growing Spillovers from China to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Economies PDF iconzhijian_xu_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Paul A.Wachtel

Zihuan Zhang
Default Risk Indicator and Transition Matrix of Chinese Listed Companies PDF iconzihuan_zhang_thesis_nyush_honors_2017.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Jiawei Zhang

Class of 2018

Xinyue Chen
Innovation and Acquisition: Can M&A improve innovation capacity for the Chinese Companies? 

PDF iconchen_xinyue_thesis_nyush_honors_2018.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Yiqing Lu


Zhenyu Chen
Research on Governmental Policies Effects on Chinas Real Estate Market (Focusing on Zhejiang Province)

Thesis Advisor: Joseph Foudy


Jiaqi Dong
Analysis of The Sharing Bike Relocation Problem: Shanghai Metro System and Mobike

PDF icondong_jiaqi_thesis_nyush_honors_2018.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Arun Sundararajan


Yikai Feng
China Concepts Stock Volatility Analysis

Thesis Advisor: Yuxin Chen


Dian Jin

IPO Underpricing in China and Contributing Factors from the Market with Distinct Characters 


Thesis Advisor: Robert Whitelaw


Zixuan Lin
Psychological Factors behind Risk-Taking Behaviors: Correlational Relations between Personality Traits and Financial Risk Tolerance

PDF iconlin_zixuan_thesis_nyush_honors_2018.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Yuxin Chen


Yujia Ni
Factors Influencing User Usage of Bike Sharing App in China

Thesis Advisor: Renyu Zhang


Marcela Railean
Meta-ideas for Shanghais Future in Innovative Entrepreneurship

Thesis Advisor: Luke Williams


Yuxin Xia
The Short-term Effect of Asset Restructuring on Listed Chinese Companies

Microsoft Office document iconxia_yuxin_thesis_nyush_honors_2018.doc
Thesis Advisor: Jennifer Carpenter


Ying Xin
The Effect of Reputation on Performance of New vs. Established Sellers: An Empirical Study of Chinese Largest E-commerce Platform

PDF iconxin_ying_thesis_nyush_honors_2018.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Yuxin Chen


Haiqing Xu
Liquidity Effects in Chinas Corporate Bond Market

Microsoft Office document iconxu_haiqing_thesis_nyush_honors_2018.doc
Thesis Advisor: Marti G. Subrahmanyam


Tianyu Xu
Analyzing the Chinese Movie Market through A Case Study of Wolf Warrior 2

Microsoft Office document iconxu_tianyu_thesis_nyush_honors_2018.doc
Thesis Advisor: Durairaj Maheswaran


Lin (Angelina) Ye
The impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate Value: An Empirical Study of Chinese Companies Corporate Sustainability Disclosure and Financial Performance

PDF iconye_lin_thesis_nyush_honors_2018.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Rodrigo Zeidan


Yiyi Zhang
Mathematical Approaches to Real Time Bidding Strategy (RTB) for Advertising Campaigns for Demand Side Platforms (DSP)

PDF iconzhang_yiyi_thesis_nyush_honors_2018.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Renyu Zhang

Class of 2019

Xiao Bai
A Study on Index Fund Development and Performance in China

PDF iconxiao_bai_thesis_nyush_honors_2019.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Martin Gruber


Yijie Chen
International Tourism Consumption and Its Economic Impact on Destinations: Evidence From Chinese Outbound Tourists

PDF iconyijie_chen_thesis_nyush_honors_2019.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Yiqing Lu


Minghao Chi
The Return Pattern Difference and Volatility Surface Difference of Dual-listed Chinese Company between Chinese and the U.S. Market

Microsoft Office document iconminghao_chi_thesis_nyush_honors_2019.doc
Thesis Advisor: Marti Subrahmanyam


Dillon Fournier
China's Currency Market Shocks and Corporate Bond Issuance

PDF icondillon_fournier_thesis_nyush_honors_2019.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Rodrigo Zeidan


Tri Hoang

Does Poverty Stifle Dreams? Parental Aspirations for Childen's Education

PDF icontri_hoang_thesis_nyush_honors_2019.pdf

Thesis Advisor: Pei Gao


Jiachen Huang

Measuring the Spatial Effect of Public Transportation: An Empirical Study on Rental Price and Metro Stations in Shanghai

PDF iconjiachen_huang_thesis_nyush_honors_2019.pdf

Thesis Advisor: Enric Junque de Fortuny


Chenghao Li
Examing the Influence of the Volcker Rule on Post-Crisis Credit Risk Management Conditions in the U.S. Financial Institutions

PDF iconchenghao_li_thesis_nyush_honors_2019.pdf

Thesis Advisor: Anthony Saunders


Yilun Li
Impact of Automation on Labor Market and Income Inequality

PDF iconyilun_li_thesis_nyush_honors_2019.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Boyan Jovanovic


Yitao Liu
The Effect of China-U.S. Trade Dispute and Tariffs on Soybean-Related Futures Markets

PDF iconyitao_liu_thesis_nyush_honors_2019.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Menachem Brenner


Jiayun Qu
Analysis of Concert Ticket Pricing Strategy in China Online Secondary Market

Thesis Advisor: Yuxin Chen


Yufeng Shi
Optimal Price Strategy for the Sellers in the Steam Market

Thesis Advisor: John Lazarev


Yanbing Wang
Analyzing Corporate Debt Sustainability in China's State-Owned Enterprises

Thesis Advisor: Pricila Maziero


Yuxin Wu
The Effects of Soccer Betting Odds and Soccer Game Results on Public Listed Soccer Club Share Returns

Thesis Advisor: Anthony Saunders


Yanbo Yang
Investigation of Chinese Yuan/US Dollar Exchange Rates at High Frequency

Thesis Advisor: Joel Hasbrouck 


Kehang Zhang
The Influence of Retirement on the Living Arrangements of the Old People in China: Evidence from the CHARLS Survey Data

PDF iconkehang_zhang_thesis_nyush_honors_2019.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Guodong Chen

Class of 2020

Qinfei Chen

Firm Preference and Market Reaction to Private Placement vs. Rights Offering:Evidence from China

PDF iconqinfei_chen_thesis_nyush_honors_2020.pdf
Thesis Advisor: Guodong Chen 


Zhiyu Chen
A Study on Pricing Efficiency of Exchange-Traded Funds: Empirical Evidences from China

Thesis Advisor: Jeffery Wurgler


Lu Guo
Systematic Trading Strategies of SSE Composite Index

Thesis Advisor: Vasant Dhar


Anpu Li
A Study on China’s Online P2P Lending Platforms

Thesis Advisor: Guodong Chen


Zhuoyou Li

The A-H Premium and Its Impact On the Seasoned Equity Offerings of Dual-listed Companies

PDF iconzhuoyou_li_thesis_nyush_honors_2020.pdf

Thesis Advisor: Jennifer Carpenter


Wenyi Liu

Intergenerational Monetary Support: for the Elderly vs. for Childern

Microsoft Office document iconwenyi_liu_thesis_nyush_honors_2020.doc

Thesis Advisor: Pei Gao 


Ziyun Lu
Implied Volatility of SSE 50 ETF Option: Price-Volatility Relationship and Predictive Power

Thesis Advisor: Dan Wang 


Ninglu Ma
Replication of Hedge Fund Daily Return with Machine Learning

Thesis Advisor: Yuxin Chen


Yunjie Song 
Intergenerational Wealth Mobility in South Korea: Evidence from the Korean Labor & Income Panel Study (KLIPS)


Thesis Advisor: Jess Benhabib 


Yu Xu
Decentralized Finance in China: Viable Solutions in Blockchain Infrastructures

Thesis Advisor: Yannis Bakos 


Qianchun Yuan
The Socio-political-economic Factors Driving Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

Thesis Advisor: Rodrigo Zeidan


Yue Yu
Analysis of High Frequency VIX and its Predictive Power in the Chinese Market

Thesis Advisor: Menachem Brenner


Siqi Zhang
Analyzing Performance of FinTech Companies and the Problems in FinTech Valuation

Thesis Advisor: Ming Liao


Jiaxin Zheng
Research for Customer Insight of Genetic Testing & Communication Strategies

Thesis Advisor: Dengfeng Yan