NYU Shanghai Enrollment Verification

Request enrollment verification

Enrollment Verification

An enrollment verification documents the student’s enrollment status in the current and past terms. Enrollment verifications are frequently needed to verify eligibility for visa applications, health insurance coverage or for certain types of financial aid. 

The document would include the following items.

  • your name, program, and major

  • your enrollment history, which includes term, status (full/half/part time or no unit) and duration

How to Request an Enrollment Verification

You can request for a PDF document of your enrollment verification by accessing your Albert SIS. Select “Enrollment Verification” under the Grades and Transcripts section of the Student Center and you will be directed to National Student Clearinghouse, NYU’s authorized certifying agent. 

If you are unable to log in to your Albert, you can submit your request for a paper enrollment verification in the Document and Transcript Request Form. Students can request for up to 3 copies free of charge from the Registrar’s Office per semester. The additional documents requested would cost RMB 20 each.  

If you need an enrollment verification letter in Chinese (在读证明), please submit your request via the Document and Transcript Request Form by selecting the corresponding item.

Special Handling

If your request involves other special handling, please contact shanghai.registrar@nyu.edu with detailed instructions for better assistance. Special handling includes: 

  1. Requesting for a stamped letter in English to verify your enrollment at NYU Shanghai specifically

  2. Including any specific requirement as part of the enrollment verification letter (e.g. passport number or personal ID number)

If you are not in Shanghai, you can request for your paper enrollment verification delivered to your designated address. Note that all express-related expenses incurred shall be borne by the student requestor.