Financial Responsibilities


The act of registering generates related tuition charges for which you are financially responsible. If for some reason you register and then decide not to take classes, you must officially drop or withdraw from courses through the appropriate registration office before the semesters opening day of classes in order to cancel all charges incurred by registering.  If your registration is not dropped, you will remain financially responsible for your tuition and fee charges. This includes classes you decide not to take, but don't officially drop.

Past Due Balances

Student accounts remaining unpaid by the end of the term are deemed delinquent and are subject to further collection action. The Office of the Bursar assists current and former students resolve their financial holds by:

  • Setting up payment arrangements to avoid further collection action
  • Discussing your financial difficulties and recommending repayment options

All delinquent balances must be satisfied in full before students are permitted to register for classes. Requests for transcripts and diplomas will be denied until all past due balances are resolved.

Further collection actions may include but are not limited to:

  • Referral to an external agency
  • Credit Bureau reporting
  • Litigation
  • Collection/attorney fees added to the delinquent balance