Business and Economics Honors Program

Program Overview

In parallel with the Stern Undergraduate Honors Program, which has been in existence since 2001, the NYU Shanghai Business and Economics Honors Program shares the same mission of preparing academically motivated, rising seniors for an enriched research experience that extends beyond the classroom environment. Being a part of a select cohort of honors students, participants will have the opportunity to work closely with distinguished faculty members throughout a year-long development of a thesis and attend a customized series of honors seminar. The program aims to offer an individualized and comprehensive educational experience by connecting outstanding undergraduate students at NYU Shanghai with stimulating research ideas and scholars.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current NYU Shanghai junior students majoring in Business & Finance, Business & Marketing, Economics, and Data Science.
  • Students who will be in Shanghai for their entire senior year. Students studying away from Shanghai in the fall semester of their senior year will not be eligible for the program.
  • Cumulative GPA of top 10% or higher by the end of their first five semesters of undergraduate study.
  • Strong interest in research and the ability to handle an intense research and course schedule.

Program Components

  • Honors Seminar – A required Honors Seminar will meet around three times per month in both the fall and spring semesters of the senior year. Some of these sessions will be conducted by instructors from New York, and other NYU campuses and portal sites via video. In a few instances, joint sessions will be held with students from the Stern Undergraduate Honors Program.
  • Honors Thesis – The topic of the Honors Thesis is to be conceived of by the student with input from the Honors Program Coordinators (in New York and Shanghai) and the Faculty Thesis Advisor. The theses will be completed by the students in the program under the supervision of the Faculty Thesis Advisors, who will be assigned to the students, soon after they are accepted into the program. Theses of past program participants can be viewed here
  • Honors Seminar leaders and Faculty Thesis Advisors are chosen from resident faculty in Shanghai and New York, including visiting faculty at NYU Shanghai, and a few select adjuncts. If the Faculty Thesis Advisor is not based in Shanghai, communications between the student and advisor will be handled through online methods.

The NYU Shanghai Business and Economics Honors Program will count for 4 credits. If the research topic is China related, it can be used to satisfy the China Business Study requirement. If the topic is not China related, it can be counted as a non-finance business elective for the Business & Finance major or a non-marketing business elective for the Business & Marketing major.

Selection Process

The detailed application instructions are scheduled to be sent out in early spring of the junior year to eligible students. The deadline for the application will be in mid-March. The selection process will be competitive, based on the academic performance until the students’ junior year. While it will be based on the GPA as a screen, it will also be based on an essay and interviews with faculty members. Applicants will be notified of their selection in late April/early May. Information sessions in New York and Shanghai, where applicants can learn more about this program, will be held at the beginning of the spring semester.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the NYU Shanghai Academic Advising Office:

Program Coordinators

Professor Marti Subrahmanyam serves as the primary Business and Economics Honors Program Coordinator. He is Global Network Professor of Finance and Economics at NYU Shanghai and the Charles E. Merrill Professor of Finance, Economics and International Business at NYU Stern.

Professor Dan (Christina) Wang and Professor Ye (Wendy) Jin serve as the Co-Coordinators for the Business and Economics Honors Program based at NYU Shanghai. Professor Wang is Assistant Professor of Finance at NYU Shanghai, and Professor Jin is Assistant Professor of Economics at NYU Shanghai. 

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Advisory Board AY22-23

Faculty at Stern

Faculty Name
Jovanovic, Boyan Acharya, Viral V. Alter, Adam
Amihud, Yakov Armony, Mor Bakos, Yannis
Benhabib, Jess Berner, Richard Bowmaker, Simon
Brandenburger, Adam M. Brenner, Menachem Buchanan, Bruce S.
Cattani, Gino Damodaran, Aswath Dávila, Eduardo
Dhar, Vasant Easterly, William Engle, Robert F.
Foudy, Joseph Ghose, Anindya Gruber, Martin J.
Gupta, Arpit Halaburda, Hanna Hanssen, Brian
Hasbrouck, Joel Henry, Peter Hurvich, Clifford M.
John, Kose Jung, Minah Katz, Barbara G.
Koijen, Ralph Lazarev, John Lenzu, Simone
Lieberman, Alvin Maheswaran, Durairaj Maziero, Pricila
Menon, Geeta Meyvis, Tom Morwitz, Vicki G.
Moses, Michael Phillips, Taylor Posner, Michael H.
Provost, Foster J. Richardson, Matthew Saunders, Anthony
Sherry Glied Singh, Vishal Spence, A. Michael
Subrahmanyam, Marti Sundaram, Rangarajan K. Sundararajan, Arun
Wachtel, Paul A. Walter, Ingo White, Lawrence J.
Wiesenfeld, Batia Mishan Williams, Luke Wurgler, Jeffrey A.
Yermack, David L.    

Faculty at NYU Abu Dhabi

Faculty Name
Torsten Figueiredo Walter

Faculty at NYUSH-Finance

Faculty Name
Abrahao, Bruno Chen, Guodong Chen, Guodong
Chen, Jing Chiu, Hsin-yee Haaf, Grace
Chen,Yuxin Hua, Jingdong Huang, Jin
Huang, Qi Hunsaker, David Jiao, Tao
Junqué de Fortuny, Enric Li, Chen Liao, Ming
Loo, Theresa Lu, Yiqing Ma, Lan
Rong, Ying Shapir, Offer Shi, Heini
Tian, Yuan Wang, Dan Yan, Dengfeng
Yu, David Zeidan, Rodrigo Zhang, Jiding
Zhang, Renyu Zheng, Dan Zheng, Geoffery
Xin Zhou    

Faculty at NYUSH-Economics

Faculty Name
Catonini, Emiliano Chauvin, Kyle Elard, Ilaf
Jin, Wendy Lee, Sukjoon Set, Eric
Stojanović, Aleksandar Weng, Weiwei Xu, Nan
Zhou, Amanda    

Faculty at NYUSH-Data Science

Faculty Name
Chen, Zhibin Guo, Li Laurière, Mathieu
Ling, Shuyang Xia, Gus