Global Awards & Fellowships

Global awards are competitive, merit-based external scholarships and fellowships that allow motivated students to pursue advanced research, service or leadership goals. Through one-on-one advising, students identify opportunities of interest, prepare applications, undergo intensive training and apply for some of the world's most competitive postgraduate opportunities.

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Established in September 2015, the Office of Global Awards advises highly-motivated undergraduates as they apply for major academic fellowships, scholarships, and awards. With the support of faculty mentors, students are challenged to articulate their personal narrative and create pathways toward local and global impact.
Embracing the diversity of NYU Shanghai, we promote opportunities for all nationalities and disciplines. We are guided by values of merit, integrity and authenticity, and students are expected to bring intellectual honesty, ambition and curiosity to the advising process.
Global Awards hosts information sessions and technical workshops, holds one-on-one advising sessions, and coordinates NYU Shanghai’s internal nominations for awards that require university endorsement. Alumni applications are encouraged.
Celebrate Global Awards at 10 Years

Celebrate Global Awards at 10 Years

Meet some of our Global Awards alumni from the past ten years! Learn more about the passions that drove them and the moments that have shaped their paths.

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Browse some of the scholarships and fellowships that NYU advises on or administers and begin to conduct your own research beyond these lists.

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To make an appointment for Global Awards advising at any point during your NYU Shanghai career, please contact:

Anna Kathryn Kendrick

Anna Kathryn Kendrick, PhD
Director of Global Awards

Steve lams

Steve Iams
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Global Awards Faculty Advisor

Ying Chen

Ying Chen
Academic Affairs and Global Awards Coordinator