Academic Affairs Passport Program

Congratulations, your NYU Shanghai academic journey starts here!

What is the Academic Affairs (AA) Passport Program?

The mission of the Academic Affairs (AA) Passport program is to foster a vibrant and engaged academic community by encouraging students to actively participate in a diverse range of events hosted by the Academic Affairs (AA) department. Collecting stickers on your AA passport not only gives you exciting rewards but also motivates you to explore numerous educational opportunities. By promoting engaging academic events and fostering strong connections between you and the AA department, our program aims to enhance your engagement and enrich your overall higher education experience. Join us in unlocking limitless possibilities and embrace a fulfilling educational adventure!

How to Participate in the AA Passport Program?

Acamemic Affaires Passport

Step 1: Pick up your Academic Affairs (AA) Passport at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) front desk on the 5th floor of the West Hall (next to the West elevators) if you haven’t had one.

Step 2: Sign up for academic events held by the Academic Affairs (AA) department. All events will be promoted through AA newsletters, ARC WeChat and Instagram channels, or on-campus posters. Participating in any event featuring the program logo (see below) qualifies as an event associated with this program, enabling you to earn a passport sticker.

Step 3: Participate in the events and activities and earn stickers for your passport.

Step 4: Once you have collected a certain number (or category) of stickers, according to the rule below, you can redeem a prize from the ARC. Please read the prize redemption rule below.


What is the Prize Redemption Rule for Fall 2023?

You are strongly encouraged to engage in events and activities organized by the Academic Affairs offices, including Academic Resource Center (ARC), Academic Advising, Community Engaged Learning (CEL), Global Awards & Fellowship, and Academic Operations (Textbook | Undergraduate Research Symposium). Each office provides a unique category of stickers, and you can earn a sticker from a specific category by actively participating in an event hosted by the respective AA office. For example, attending an ARC workshop allows you to earn an ARC sticker.

On the last working day of each month (see specific dates below), starting from September to November 2023, students who have earned at least a total of 5 stickers from any category or 3 stickers from different categories are eligible to redeem a prize at the ARC front desk during the office hours from 9am-5pm. Prize quantities are abundant but still limited. In the unlikely event that more students are eligible for prizes than the available quantity, prizes will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Gift Redemption Dates:

  • Thursday, September 28
  • Tuesday, October 31
  • Thursday, November 30

At the beginning of each month, all sticker counts will be reset to zero. To redeem a prize for the respective month, you must earn at least a total of 5 stickers from any category or 3 stickers from different categories again.

By the end of November, students who have accumulated a total of 20 stickers across all categories within the past three months will have the opportunity to enter a lucky draw for the grand prize, which is a mysterious gift card. Students who have redeemed the monthly prizes are still eligible to participate in the final grand prize lucky draw. 

Note: You are strongly encouraged to actively engage in events and activities offered by the Academic Affairs offices to earn stickers and increase your chances of redeeming prizes and winning the grand prize.



How can I get stickers after participating in an Academic Affairs event?

ARC Consultations and Tutoring Appointments

To receive an ARC sticker after attending a consultation or tutoring session with an ARC Global Writing & Speaking Fellow, Writing & Speaking Learning Assistant, or a Course-specific Learning Assistant, please present the WCOnline appointment page (see example below) to the Information Assistant (IA) at the ARC front desk as proof of attendance. The IA will then give you an ARC sticker.

WCO appointment page

Advising Appointments and Walk-in Hours

When you finish your meeting with your academic advisor, you can find a box on their desk where you can pick up an Advising sticker for each appointment or walk-in.

In-person AA Workshops and Events

Once you have attended an in-person AA workshop or event, the facilitator will provide stickers on-site for you to collect.

Online Appointments, Workshops, and Events

If you are unable to collect a sticker right after an online session, you have the option to bring proof of your participation to the ARC front desk. Show the Information Assistant your proof (which can be a screenshot of an online appointment session or a picture taken at the workshop/event) to have your participation validated. The proof should clearly display the date and time of the appointment, workshop, or event.

What prizes can I redeem by participating in this program?

AA Passport Prizes

Questions? Contact the Academic Affairs Passport Team at