Majors and Minors

NYU Shanghai offers a core curriculum, 19 majors, and numerous multidisciplinary minors and specializations.

NYU Shanghai Majors and Minors

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Biology Major
Business and Finance Major
Business and Marketing Major
Business Minor


Chemistry Major
Chemistry Minor
Chinese Minor
Computer Science Major
Computer Science Minor
Computer Systems Engineering Major
Computer Systems Engineering Minor
Creative Writing Minor


Data Science Major
Data Science Minor


Economics Major
Economics Minor
Electrical and Systems Engineering Major
Electrical and Systems Engineering Minor


Global China Studies Major
Global China Studies Minor
Genomics and Bioinformatics Minor


Honors Mathematics Major
Humanities Major
Humanities Minor
History Minor


Interactive Media Arts Major
Interactive Media Arts Minor
Interactive Media and Business Major
Interactive Media and Business Minor


Literature Minor


Mathematics Major
Mathematics Minor
Molecular and Cell Biology Minor


Neural Science Major
Neural Science Minor


Philosophy Minor
Physics Major
Physics Minor


Social Science Major
Social Science Minor
Self-Designed Honors Major (SDHM) Major


Global Network University Minor

Students can complete a Global Network University (GNU) Minor using classes from one or more of 11 study away sites in the Global Network. This option enables capable and highly motivated students to pursue a plan of study that brings together courses from more than one NYU department or program taught at a study away site.
These minors serve students who can realize their interdisciplinary goals within the Global Network University drawing on courses from any of the study away sites or portal campuses. Even if all of the classes are from a single department in one of the other portal campuses or is identical to a minor offered on one of those campuses, the GNU Minor is an NYU Shanghai minor and will be identified as such on the student’s transcript. The other requirements and limitations for these minors are identical with the standard ones identified above for all minors.
GNU Minors may be completed using courses taken at the associated study away site or portal campuses. Courses and therefore minor availability may vary by semester, students should see each academic center’s website for specific classes, and plan with their academic advisor how to complete the minor. Pursuing a GNU Minor does not guarantee acceptance to study at a study away site. 
GNU Minors require 4 courses. Your academic advisor can help you identify eligible courses offered at the study away sites. Local language courses at the study away sites count toward the four courses required for the Culture and Society minors (language courses can only count for once for Culture and Society minors).
Below are all the GNU Minors that NYU Shanghai currently offers:
Art History Studies Art Studies Australian Culture and Society British Culture and Society
Central European Culture and Society Cultural Studies Entrepreneurship and Innovation European Culture and Society
Fashion Studies French Culture and Society German Culture and Society Global Cities Studies
Global Public Health Studies Globalization Studies Italian Culture and Society Journalism Studies
Latin American Culture and Society Middle Eastern Culture and Society Pan African Culture and Society Psychological Studies
Photographic Studies Political Studies Sociological Studies Spanish Culture and Society
Sustainability Studies West African Culture and Society    
NYU Shanghai students may appeal through their academic advisors for approval of an alternative GNU Minor if they can identify and justify a set of courses in the NYU Global Network or a particular study away site that added together meet the standards of a minor. You can look up GNU Minors at NYU’s 11 study away sites through this Courses by Site Satisfying Shanghai Degree Requirements spreadsheet. Please note that this sheet is a list of all courses that have been approved as counting towards particular requirements. It will continue to expand as more courses are evaluated and approved. If you would like to check on a course that is not yet on the sheet, please email your academic advisor with the course number, name, and what requirement(s) you wish to count it for.


NYU NY Cross-School Minor

Cross-School Minors offered by NYU Schools are available to NYU Shanghai students as listed on the NYU Cross-School Minors website. Students who successfully complete any of those Minors will have them identified by name as a Cross-School Minor on the student’s transcript. Students who have completed a Cross-School Minor should follow the NYU Shanghai process to report their minor completion information to their NYU Shanghai academic advisor in order to get the minor posted on the transcript. Students do not need to declare NY Cross-School Minors in Albert.


Portal Campus Minor

Students can apply to attempt a Portal Campus Minor, using classes from one of the two Portal Campuses in the Global Network. These minors must meet the requirements set out in the relevant college bulletin by the offering department at the Portal Campus. During their sophomore year, students compose their academic plan for the minor in consultation with the Assistant Dean for Global Programs. By spring of the sophomore year, the plan of study must be submitted to and approved by the Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs. Approval of the plan does not guarantee acceptance to study at the Portal Campus, that required courses will be available or open, or the ability to study for an additional semester at the Portal Campus to complete the minor.
Even though the courses used and requirements met for the Portal minor are those of the Portal Campus the minor is an NYU Shanghai minor and will be identified as such on the student’s transcript. The other requirements and limitations for these minors are identical with the standard ones identified above for all minors.