Students at NYU Shanghai can pursue three different types of minors: 

NYU Shanghai Minors

Students may take NYU Shanghai courses or equivalent courses at study away locations to fulfill NYU Shanghai minor requirements.


Global Network Minors

Students may take courses that are offered at study away sites to fulfill the Global Network Minor (GN Minor) requirement. New York and Abu Dhabi courses can not be used to count towards the GN minor. Pursuing a GN Minor does not guarantee acceptance to study at a study away site. Here is more information on posting a minor

Global Network Minors require 4 courses. At least 3 courses should be taken at study away locations and one course can be taken in Shanghai. (Course Search: Global Courses Satisfying Shanghai Degree Requirements)

*Local language courses at the study away sites count toward the four courses required for the Culture and Society minors (language courses can only be counted once for Culture and Society minors).

Below are all the GNU Minors that NYU Shanghai currently offers:

Art History Studies Art Studies
Australian Culture and Society British Culture and Society
Central European Culture and Society Cultural Studies
Entrepreneurship and Innovation European Culture and Society
Fashion Studies French Culture and Society
German Culture and Society Global Cities Studies
Global Public Health Studies Globalization Studies
Italian Culture and Society Journalism Studies
Latin American Culture and Society Middle Eastern Culture and Society
Pan African Culture and Society Psychological Studies
Photographic Studies Political Studies
Sociological Studies Spanish Culture and Society
Sustainability Studies West African Culture and Society


NYU New York Cross-School Minors

NYU Shanghai students can pursue NYU New York Cross-School Minors.

Students may take cross-school minor courses as listed on the website. If the course(s) that students plan to take are not consistent with the courses listed on the website, students can draft a minor course plan, and contact the offering department to ask if will fulfill the department’s minor requirements. If the course plan is confirmed by the offering department, students should forward the confirmation to their academic advisor.

Posting Cross-School Minors: Students who have completed a Cross-School Minor should follow the NYU Shanghai process to report their minor completion information to their NYU Shanghai academic advisor in order to get the minor posted on their transcript. Students do not need to declare NYU New York Cross-School Minors in Albert.