Social Science

Social scientists study human interactions among individuals, families, communities, and nations. Using a range of analytical, interpretive, and experimental tools from anthropology, economics, sociology, political science, and psychology, social scientists seek to understand conflict and cooperation, epidemics of disease and poverty, social organization and social change, kinship and belonging, human development, systems of exchange, and other enduring questions at the center of our shared humanity.

Requirements for the Minor

Course Credits
One Social Science Methods Course  4

Choose Any Three Courses from the Following Categories:

  • Social Science Foundational Course 
  • Social Science Core Course 
  • Social Science Focus Course 

(e.g. You can choose three focus courses or any type of combination of these three categories).

Total 16

Faculty Mentors

Faculty mentors are the leading faculty and experts in the major disciplines. Students can reach out to faculty mentors for specific questions about the major, and references for connecting with relevant discipline resources. If you have specific questions about specific fields of study within the major, you can search for faculty through the faculty directory.


Xiaogang Wu

Social Science Area Head, Director of the Center for Applied Social and Economic Research, The Yudeng Global Professor of Social Science, Professor of Sociology

Ivan Willis Rasmussen

Social Science Undergraduate Coordinator, Associate Professor of Practice in Political Science