Course List

Course List

The following Graduate Semester Study courses are offered at NYU Shanghai. All are required courses within the core curricula of each master’s program and count toward a student’s degree requirements. Participating students must take and continue in all courses; once your Semester Study in Shanghai has started, you may not drop them.

SPS Start@NYU Shanghai - MS in Integrated Marketing

  • INTG1-GC1000 Integrated Marketing
  • INTG1-GC1005 Campaign I: Strategy & Execution
  • INTG1-GC1055 Statistical Measurements, Analysis & Research
  • INTG1-GC1035 Digital Marketing
SPS Start@NYU Shanghai - MS in Management & Systems
  • MASY1-GC1200 Managing in a Global Economy
  • MASY1-GC1220 Financial Management
  • MASY1-GC1250 Project Management in The Information Age

*Although not required to, students taking 3 courses in Shanghai may also register for one course offered online from the New York campus as an additional fourth course.

MOT Global - MS in Management of Technology

  • MG-GY 6013 Organizational Behavior
  • MG-GY 6033 Financial Analysis for Technology Managers
  • MG-GY 6203 Data Visualization