Declare or Change a Major

Declared primary majors will have priority enrolling in some of the major classes (see notes in Albert for details). Priority registration does not apply to second majors.

Major Declaration Deadlines

Primary Major: 11:59 pm, Monday, November 8, 2021 (China Time)
Secondary Major: 11:59 pm, Thursday, November 4, 2021 (China Time)


Processing Times

If your request is submitted before the deadline above, the Office of the Registrar will post your major by noon November 15, 2021 (China time).

Primary Major Declaration 

  • Students must have a final grade of C, or currently enrolled in a designated prerequisite course for the major.
  • Students may declare a major when completed or enrolled in at least 32 credits, and a major should be declared prior to completion of 64 credits.

Secondary Major Declaration

  • Students need to successfully complete more than half of the courses required for the primary and secondary majors.
  • Students should present their four-year plan that demonstrates they can complete all degree requirements to their academic advisor for review.

Change a Major

Seniors who have earned over 100 credit hours in a major cannot change their majors. For questions about changing a major, students may discuss with their advisor.

Major FAQs
1. When can I declare my major?

Students may declare their major once they complete and/or have enrolled in at least 32 credits and receive a final grade of C or above for prerequisite course for the major.

2. What if I miss my major declaration deadline?

If you miss the above deadlines, you will have another opportunity to declare major(s) in the next semester before registration begins.

3. Should I pursue a secondary major?

Pursuing double majors can be a great way to fulfill your intellectual interests and gain depth in two academic disciplines. However, it is a significant commitment that should be considered and planned for carefully. In pursuing a second major, students may limit their elective options outside both majors. You may schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your academic interests.

4. I am no longer interested in pursuing my secondary major, how can I drop the second major?

If you no longer intend to pursue a second major that has been posted on your transcript, you may email the Shanghai Registrar Office at to drop the second major and copy your academic advisor.