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To advance in today’s global business environment, one must develop an exceptionally broad array of intellectual skills. The modern business environment demands the ability to analyze problems rigorously, develop innovative and creative solutions, and to work effectively within the context of an organization. That in turn demands an understanding of the customers, the cultural and scientific contexts in which businesses operate, alongside an understanding of the techniques by which firms succeed in a competitive economy.

A successful business combines labor and capital to produce a good or service at a price and quality that customers want to purchase. In a complex business, different individuals often take responsibility for different aspects of that endeavor, such as operations management, marketing and sales, information systems management, and financial management. An effective business education should provide students with an overview of all these fields, together with an opportunity to explore some areas in greater depth.

The business and marketing major at NYU Shanghai is designed to help students develop knowledge and skills in marketing management, customer insights, brand management, pricing, and more. It will provide students with a comprehensive preparation for the modern globalized business world. It builds upon the liberal education designed into the NYU Shanghai core curriculum: before entering the major, students will have developed an essential set of skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and oral and written communication. They will also have acquired a familiarity with the general cultural and scientific contexts in which businesses operate. Within the major, students obtain (a) a deeper understanding of the modern global business environment and its economic structure; (b) disciplinary skills in economics and statistics; (c) a focused introduction to finance, management, operations and organizations.


Faculty Mentor

Professor Raymond Ro



Recommended Courses in Spring 2018 for Freshmen:

  • Writing as Inquiry
  • Microeconomics
  • Statistics for Business and Economics
  • EAP/Chinese

Recommended courses in Spring 2018 for Sophomores:

  • Economics of Global Business
  • Foundation of Finance/Intro to Marketing 
  • Core/Chinese/General Elective
  • Core//Chinese/General Elective


Degree Requirements – 2016-17 Bulletin

*= Offered in Sping'18 in Shanghai

BUSF-SHU 101 Statistics for Business and Economics* 
BUSF-SHU 202 Foundations of FinancePre-req: Statistics for Business and Economics & Microeconomics
BUSF-SHU 250 Principles of Financial AccountingPre-req: Not open to freshmen
ECON-SHU 3 MicroeconomicsPre-req: Calculus or Honors Calculus
ECON-SHU 251 Economics of Global Business*Pre-req: Microeconomics
MKTG-SHU 1(9001)/BUSF-SHU 302 Introduction to MarketingPre-req: Not open to freshmen
BUSF-SHU 142  Information Technology in Business and Society*
BUSF-SHU 210 Business Analytics* Pre-req: Business Major priority; A prior Statistics Course (BUSF-SHU 101)
BUSF-SHU 303 Corporate Finance*                                                                                  
BUSF-SHU 351 Competitive Advantage from Operations Pre-req: Business major priority; no freshmen 
MGMT-SHU 301 Management and Organizations*  Pre-req: Bus major priority; no freshmen
Any 4-credit marketing elective course offered at NYU Shanghai (such as those listed above) or any 3-credit Marketing elective course offered by Stern Marketing Department can be counted as a Marketing elective. Taking two 2-credit Marketing courses will be counted as meeting the requirement of one Marketing elective.

NOTE: For Class of 2020 and beyond,  either MKTG-SHU 9 or MKTG-SHU 2 below must be chosen as one of the two Marketing electives. 

MKTG-SHU 2 Consumer Behavior* Pre-req: Intro to Marketing  
MKTG-SHU 3 Advertising ManagementPre-req: Business major priority; Principles of Marketing (or Instructor Permission)
MKTG-SHU 9 Research for Customer Insights* Pre-req: Intro to Marketing         
MKTG-SHU 53 Pricing
MKTG-SHU 57 Digital Marketing* Pre-req: Business major priority; Principles of Marketing (or Instructor Permission)
NON-MARKETING ELECTIVES - Choose Two from the Following Areas 
BUSF-SHU 220A Topics in Business: Chinese & Intl Accounting (2 Credits)
BUSF-SHU 309 Financial Statement Analysis* Pre-req: TBD
BUSF-SHU 326 Big Data and Accounting Analytics*
BUSF-SHU 340 Advanced Financial Accounting
BUSF-SHU 350 Managerial Accounting*
 Pre-req: Bus major priority; Principles of Fin Accounting (BUSF-SHU 250)
Information System
BUSF-SHU 200 Topics in Business: IT-Enable Business Models and New Economy
BUSF-SHU 200C Topics in Business: The Globalization of Business Enterprise* Pre-req: Bus major priority; no freshmen
BUSF-SHU 211 Design Thinking*
BUSF-SHU 220G Topics in Business: Negotiation and Consensus Building (2 Credits)
BUSF-SHU 220H Topics in Business: Managerial Tools and Skills (2 Credits)
BUSF-SHU 232 Entrepreneurship Explored*
CCST-SHU 132 Topics: Creativity Considered* Pre-req: None; This course welcomes all types of students, not just those pursuing business or related majors.
MGMT-SHU 18 Strategic Analysis* Pre-req: Bus major priority; no freshmen
MGMT-SHU 21 Managerial Skills  Pre-req: Management & Organizations
SOIM-SHU 65 Organizational Communication & Its Social Context* Pre-req: Bus major priority; no freshmen
BUSF-SHU 206A Investing and Financing In and With China (2 Credits)
BUSF-SHU 220B Topics in Business: Global Investment (2 Credits)
BUSF-SHU 220C Topics in Business: Emerging Markets Finance (2 Credits)
BUSF-SHU 220D Topics in Business: FinTech (2 Credits)                            
BUSF-SHU 220E Topics in Business: Fixed Income Derivatives (2 Credits)
BUSF-SHU 304 Futures and Options* Pre-req: Foundations of Finance
BUSF-SHU 305 Debt Instruments and Market* Pre-req: Foundations of Finance
BUSF-SHU 307 Private Equity and Venture Capital in Asia and Emerging Markets (2 Credits)
BUSF-SHU 321 Equality Valuation* Pre-req: Corporate Finance
BUSF-SHU 353 International Financial Management Pre-req: Corporate Finance & EGB
BUSF-SHU Business Independent StudyPre-req: Permission of the Academic Discipline; See Albert for Details
SOIM-SHU 9006 (SOIM-UB 9006) Law, Business & Society Pre-req: Juniors/Seniors Standing  

BPEP-SHU 9042 Political Economy of East Asia
BUSF- SHU 3 Business Honors Seminar* (3 Credits) (satisfy China Business Studies, depending on the individual topic)
BUSF-SHU 200B Topics in Business: Real Business Case Projects* Pre-req: Business Majors; Senior Standing  (satisfies China Business Studies if approved by instructor-must have China project focus)
BUSF-SHU 288 Doing Business in China* Pre-req: Business Majors; Senior Standing BUSF-SHU 188 Chinese Business and Finance - A Bilingual Introduction (CHIN-SHU 429)* Pre-req: Business Majors; Senior Standing Instructor Consent Required

OPTIONAL: "Finance Track"
BUSF-SHU 303 Corporate Finance* Can be double-counted as a Business Core Elective.
Two Finance Elective Courses See list here.



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