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Whether you're a STEM major, a social entrepreneur or a future diplomat, the following major fellowship opportunities are seeking students of all majors. Juniors looking to pursue postgraduate study should make a Global Awards appointment early in your academic career to discuss research, preparation and goals. 

Global Opportunities

Fellowships in Asia

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Fellowships in the United States


I'm an artist, physicist, woman in tech, entrepreneur.......I'm a freshman, sophomore, junior, or alum...

There are thousands of programs with specific criteria based on your citizenship, target country and research or service field. Search tools such as Scholars4DevOpportunityDesk, or ​ProFellow also allow you to explore by specific criteria. Contact shanghai.global.awards@nyu.edu to discuss global opportunities according to your major or field. 

You can begin browsing major fellowships by class year here; contact shanghai.global.awards@nyu.edu to plan your path.