Open Positions — Fellowships

NYU Shanghai aims to attract outstanding candidates who are professional, experienced (or with great potential), highly motivated, interested in higher education, and who thrive on the unique challenges of a multicultural environment.

Position Status Description Apply Inquiries
Postdoctoral Fellow - Behavioral Neurophysiology Open PDF
Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Fellow Open PDF
Postdoctoral Position - Materials Theory and Design Open PDF
Interactive Media Arts Resident Arts Fellow Open PDF
Interactive Media Arts Resident Fellow Open PDF
Postdoctoral Fellow – Cancer Biology Open PDF
Educational Technology Fellow Open PDF
Educational Technology Fellowship (Digital Content Development) Open PDF
Educational Technology Fellowship (Instructional Design) Open PDF
Global Perspectives on Society Teaching Fellows Open PDF
Postdoctoral/Research Fellow Physics Open PDF
Volatility Institute Research Fellow Open PDF
Postdoctoral Researcher - Theoretical/Computational Chemistry Open PDF
Postdoctoral Fellow - Neural Bases of Speech and Language Open PDF
Postdoctoral Researcher - Motor Representations in Speech Perception Open PDF
Postdoctoral Position - Neurobiology of Economic Decision Open PDF