Summer 1 Credit Practicum Course

Are you a Non-US Citizen?

Interested in staying in NYC or DC over the summer?

Want to pursue an internship or research experience?

NYU Shanghai will offer an opportunity for students to pursue experiential learning experiences for the fifth consecutive summer. We have expanded the policy from previous years to meet student needs.
The 1-credit Practicum course offered in New York will allow NYU Shanghai students who are non-US citizens to be eligible to participate in an internship or on-campus research in the US. A required component of the course is for students to obtain an approved internship or on-campus research experience. To allow for greater internship opportunities, students are able to obtain an internship anywhere within a four hour radius by ground transportation of the Washington Square campus (i.e., Boston to Washington, DC). Students who take the 1-credit Practicum course are required to attend the four in-person class meetings in New York, along with completing online modules, readings, and assignments. NYU Shanghai students are not required to live on campus at NYU New York or DC when enrolled in any summer courses.  The cost of the SOCS-SHU 310 Practicum Course is USD 1991, equal to one credit of tuition plus registration and student services fees for summer 2020. 
Class Meeting Schedule
The four required in-person class sessions (Dates to be announced) will be held at the Washington Square campus. 


IMPORTANT: Attendance Policy: Although this course has many moving parts (online assessments, email discussions, etc.), students are required to attend the four in-class sessions in-person unless their absence is excused under law and/or University policy. Since there are only four in-person sessions for the entire semester, any unexcused absence will have a significant negative impact on the student's final grade and may affect their ability to complete the course and the internship. Failure to attend class also could result in the loss of their F-1 student status.

Under university policy, excused absences are only granted in cases of documented illness, family emergency, religious observance, or civic obligation. (In the case of religious observance or civic obligation, wherever possible, this should be reported no later than the first week of class.) Recruiting activities and incompatible travel plans, for example, are considered unexcused absences even if the student notifies the instructor in advance.
Students will receive credit for attendance only when they arrive to class on time and stay until the end of the class period.


It is important to note that there is one option for students who have studied in NY/DC for one academic year and another for students who have not. Please be sure to review the policy below that applies to you. These links include information about the application process along with necessary information about extending your visa. 

Application Information

The application and supporting materials submission deadline for Summer 2020 will be announced in November 2019. Please be aware that students must secure an internship or research opportunity prior to submitting an application.


The application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Secure internship or research opportunity. (*Must be within four hours of New York City by ground transportation)
  2. Complete and submit online Summer 2020 Practicum Course Application with offer letter uploaded and attached.
  3. Applications will be reviewed by NYU Shanghai Career Development Center and Academic Affairs. 
  4. Students will be notified of final decisions regarding approval by mid-April.
  5. If approved, students will be sent approval by email along with a required contract which must by signed by the company and returned.
  6. Apply for F-1 visa extension (instructions available in policy documents linked above). For students pursuing Curricular Practical Training (CPT), a hard copy of the completed CPT form must also be dropped off to the NYU Shanghai office in NY (14 East 4th Street, 3rd Floor). 
*Students will be manually enrolled into the practicum course on Albert.
Students are approved for the 1-credit Practicum course based on the experiential learning experience(s) (internship or research) that they present with their application materials. A student who wants to change their experiential learning experience (internship or research) or add a second experiential learning experience prior to the start of the 1-credit Practicum course must submit a new application (with the offer letter for the new or second experiential learning experience) for approval. Students may not change their experiential learning experience (internship or research) or add a second experiential learning experience after April 17, 2020 at 5:00pm EST.

We encourage you to read the policy in its entirety before reaching out with any questions. You can access the slides from the info session here. Contact Malina Webb at if you have questions after reviewing these materials.