Undergraduate Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions at NYU Shanghai

NYU Shanghai offers two 6-week summer sessions and one 9-week Chinese language immersion program. In the 6-week summer sessions, students have the opportunity to take courses in English covering a range of subjects from Business to Computer Science to Social Science and Humanities. In addition, intensive Chinese language courses are offered in either a 6-week or 9-week format.

Students may take up to 8 credits per session. Non-Chinese citizens need to take at least 6 credits per session in order to meet visa requirements. 

Summer Session I: Tuesday, May 21 - Friday, June 28, 2024 

Summer Session II: Monday, July 1 - Friday, August 9, 2024 

9-week Chinese Language Immersion Program: Tuesday, May 21 - Friday, July 19, 2024


Undergraduate students from NYU New York, NYU Abu Dhabi, and visiting students from other US accredited institutions are welcome to apply. (NYU Shanghai students do not have to fill out an application.) 

Students must have completed at least two semesters at an undergraduate institution to be eligible. An integrated review of an applicant's academic background and University record is required to confirm admission. Students with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or above are encouraged to apply. Students with lower GPAs are encouraged to provide information on their academic goals in their personal statement.

Application Deadlines

Citizenship    Summer Session I and II (6-week programs)   Chinese Language Immersion Program (9-week program)
Chinese citizens

Priority Deadline: TBA

Regular Deadline: TBA

Non-Chinese citizens*

Priority Deadline: TBA

Regular Deadline: TBA


*Non-Chinese citizens have earlier deadlines due to the timeline of visa application and processing. Late applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis. 

Application Instructions

NYU Shanghai students: No need to fill out an application for the 6-week courses. You will need to contact your academic advisor to lift your registration hold so you can enroll in Albert for summer courses. See here for application instructions for the Summer Chinese Language Immersion Program.

NYU New York and NYU Abu Dhabi students: Log on to the application here with your NetID and password. Select "Start NYU Shanghai Summer Study Abroad 2024 Interest Form".

Visiting students (Non-NYU) from other accredited universities: Create an application ID through the online application. Select "Start NYU Shanghai Summer Study Abroad 2024 Interest Form". Please upload an official undergraduate transcript or send it to shanghai.summer@nyu.edu

Questions? Email shanghai.summer@nyu.edu

Admitted Students 

Once you have been admitted, you may visit your Summer 2024 enrollment portal for program updates and instructions. 

Absences in Summer Session Courses

Absences in the first week of classes will not be counted as excused absences and will be penalized according to each course's attendance policy. However, as the summer session is short and intensive, missing even one class would be equivalent to missing a week or more of course study in a regular semester. Students should carefully re-consider missing even one class, because of how easy it is to fall behind and miss content needed to succeed in the course.

Additionally, it is important to note that the last day to drop any course for a refund and without incurring a Withdrawal (W) on your transcript is the Friday of the first week of classes. If you miss the first classes of the session, you may not be able to make an informed decision about whether you plan to stay in the course. After the first Friday of the summer term, there are no refunds on courses, and any course withdrawal will result in a W on your transcript. This is why we strongly advise you not to enroll in any course for which you know you will be missing class(es).  


University housing is available in Summer 2024. University housing is optional and students who are admitted to Summer Sessions will need to apply for housing for the summer term. Application instructions will be sent via a separate email after admission. Housing for Week 1 is NOT guaranteed if you apply after May 13. 

Sample Housing Rates in Summer 2024 (To be confirmed) 


Weekly Rate (RMB)

Weekly Rate (USD)

Triple Studio



Double Studio



Double in Suite



Single in Suite



Premium Single




Sample Housing Timeline in Summer 2024 (To be confirmed): Students can apply per week. Please note that we cannot offer students a different length of stay nor can we make any exceptions. 


Move-in Date

Move-out Date

Week 1

May 19, noon

May 25, noon

Week 2

May 26, noon

June 1, noon

Week 3

June 2, noon

June 8, noon

Week 4

June 9, noon

June 15, noon

Week 5

June 16, noon

June 22, noon

Week 6

June 23, noon

June 29, noon

Week 7

June 30, noon

July 6, noon

Week 8

July 7, noon

July 13, noon

Week 9

July 14, noon

July 20, noon

Week 10

July 21, noon

July 27, noon

Week 11

July 28, noon

August 3, noon

Week 12

August 4, noon

August 10, noon