Summer Chinese Language Immersion Program

2024 Summer Chinese Language Immersion Program
Program Dates: May 21-July 19, 2024 | Application Deadline: February 25 | Tuition & Fees: $8,470

The Chinese Language Immersion Summer Program at NYU Shanghai offers students the opportunity to complete two semesters' worth of Chinese language study, earning 8 NYU Shanghai academic credits over nine weeks. This program is a blend of intensive language learning and cultural immersion in the vibrant city of Shanghai, where the city's storied past and cosmopolitan present offer endless opportunities for linguistic and cultural exploration. 

We offer intermediate and advanced level courses, taught by NYU Shanghai's highly experienced Chinese language faculty in a small and intimate class setting. The program’s language pledge and its intensive curriculum are designed to significantly improve your Chinese proficiency, build a solid foundation, instill good learning habits, and boost your confidence in using the Chinese language. 

What sets this program apart from other summer language programs is its integration within the broader intellectual community of NYU Shanghai. Our curriculum is enhanced by the university’s academic resources and its deep engagement with the local neighborhoods, the city of Shanghai, and the nation of China. Beyond the regular language classes, you will have opportunities to attend special lectures on China studies, take part in excursions in and around Shanghai, explore local cuisines through the “Chinese language table,” participate in extracurricular activities to appreciate Chinese culture, and interact with local students and residents through NYU Shanghai's unique community-engaged learning opportunities. Our ultimate aim is to equip our students with the linguistic and cultural competence necessary to engage profoundly with China and its people.

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Through this Summer Chinese Language Immersion Program, you can:

  • Enjoy small intimate class sizes taught by highly experienced, full-time Chinese language faculty.
  • Improve your Chinese language competency, cross-cultural communication, self-awareness, and cultural awareness.
  • Apply your command of the language to real-life situations by honoring a Language Pledge in which you agree to only speak Chinese for the duration of the program.The pledge encourages an active learning environment and leads to significant learning results.
  • Participate in special lectures on China studies, extracurricular activities, cultural excursions, “Chinese Language Table”, and interact with local students and residents.
  • Earn 8 academic credits that will be recorded on your NYU transcript.

Discover the summer immersion program through the experiences of previous students

Program Structure and Courses

The courses are structured to ensure students will be “immersed” in the language environment. A comprehensive schedule encompasses daily classes, group drills, individual sessions, co-curricular activities, and evening office hours. To gauge your progress, written and oral assessments will be frequently conducted, and your teachers will provide personalized feedback to guide your improvement. 

Intermediate Level Description (click to expand)

The Intermediate Level is designed for students who have completed Elementary Chinese II at NYU Shanghai, NYU New York or the equivalent at another institution. This course consists of in-class instruction, tutorial time, and out-of-class language practicums. It is equivalent to two semesters of language study, covering both Intermediate Chinese I and II (CHIN-SHU 201 & 202). By the end of the ninth week, students should be able to:
  • Understand and obtain information from extended and complex conversations.
  • Express and expound on, in extended length, feelings, opinions, and viewpoints in interpersonal conversations and in presentations related to social-cultural topics, with a high level of fluency and accuracy in pronunciation and grammar use.
  • Accumulate vocabulary needed for common conversations and formal topic discussions, debates, and presentations; develop the ability to decipher meanings of compound words.
  • Comprehend extended passages in form of narrative, exposition, and argumentation, search for detailed information, guess word meanings, express viewpoints, opinions, feelings, etc.
  • Write, in relative length (300-500 characters long) informational narratives, expository and simple argumentative passages with level-appropriate vocabulary and grammatical accuracy, as well as basic syntactic cohesion. 
  • Be acquainted with aspects of Chinese culture and society, explain and express opinions and viewpoints on phenomena in Chinese culture and society.
The textbooks used for the Intermediate level are Integrated Chinese Level II Part I, Level II Part II written by Tao-chung Yao and Yuehua Liu, Expanded Fourth Edition.


Advanced Level Description (click to expand)

The Advanced Level is designed for students who have completed Intermediate Chinese II at NYU Shanghai, NYU New York or the equivalent at another institution. It aims to reinforce and further improve overall language competency, with the focus on studying and employing semi-formal and formal expressions and usages. It is equivalent to two semesters of language study, covering both Advanced Chinese I and II (CHIN-SHU 301 & 302). By the end of this 9-week program, students should be able to:
  • Listening: Comprehend the main themes and most details of a speech or a broadcast outside of everyday topics; easily comprehend complicated Chinese conversations.
  • Speaking: Narrate events in chronological order; give descriptions about objects with details; make coherent arguments on socio-cultural topics.
  • Reading: Understand the main ideas and most details of articles related to Chinese culture and society, and extract valuable information and opinions from the articles. 
  • Writing: Write essays with precision and detail on a broad range of topics, and with considerable mastery of syntactical structures.
  • Cultural competence:  Obtain a deep understanding of Chinese culture and society; be aware of the similarities and differences between Chinese culture and other cultures, and be able to analyze them dialectically.   
The Advanced level textbook is ​The Routledge Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course: Crossing Cultural Boundaries​ written by Kunshan Lee et al. Routledge, Second Edition, 2014.

Eligibility & How To Apply

Students enrolled at any accredited university are welcome to apply. The application deadline is February 25, 2024. Decisions will be notified by mid-March. 

To apply, you must:

  • Have completed at least two semesters at an undergraduate institution prior to the start of this summer program. 
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing. 

NYU Shanghai students: Fill out the application form

NYU New York and NYU Abu Dhabi students: Log on to the application here with your NetID and password. Select "Start NYU Shanghai Summer Study Abroad 2024 Interest Form".

Non-NYU Visiting students from other accredited universities: Create an application ID through the online applicationSelect "Start NYU Shanghai Summer Study Abroad 2024 Interest Form". 

Tuition & Fees

  • Tuition: $5,010

  • Program Administration Fee (includes international health insurance and all program activities and scheduled trips and excursions): $600

  • Books and Course Materials Flat Fee*: $250

  • Campus Housing Estimate (double-occupancy): $2,610

Students are responsible for round trip airfare, daily meals, and personal expenses. Immigration costs vary depending on student citizenship.  

*All books and materials will be made available upon the start of the course. The flat fee is adjusted after the first week of classes to reflect your actual book charges and any amount paid. 

For information about billing, payments, and refunds please visit the Bursar's website

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid

US citizens/eligible non-citizens (NYU New York and Shanghai Students): Federal financial aid (i.e. federal Direct student/parent loan) is available during the summer session(s) for students enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits, who also have a valid FAFSA on file, and are otherwise eligible.

NYU Shanghai Students: At this time there is no institutional scholarship/grant aid available for summer session(s).

NYU New York Students: Please visit the financial aid website for additional information regarding financial aid options for summer session(s).

All Other Students (including Visiting Students): Visiting students or current NYU students who are not eligible for federal financial aid will be able to seek out alternative loans. Students seeking alternative loans are encouraged to relay to their potential lender the number of credits they are taking and the type of student they are (i.e. in a degree or non-degree program at NYU) as lenders have different eligibility criteria.

NYU cannot recommend or endorse any particular private lender. Students are encouraged to research their options carefully. Please visit the financial aid website for more information about private (non-federal) alternative loans.

Please note: 

Students who decrease or cancel summer session enrollment or who do not attend will have their summer award adjusted or canceled accordingly. This adjustment in financial aid may result in a balance on your bursar bill. Changes in enrollment affect the cost of attendance and the amount of aid that you are eligible to receive. Your financial aid cannot exceed your estimated cost of attendance.


As an Immersion Program summer student, you are required to live in NYU Shanghai dormitory housing as a condition of the program. Housing is available only for the dates of the program. The earliest move-in date is 9AM on May 20, and the latest move-out date is noon on July 20.

9-week housing rates for the 2024 Immersion Program:

Room Type RMB USD
Triple Studio ¥9,966 $1,432
Double Studio ¥13,197 $1,894
Double In Suite ¥15,456 $2,220
Single In Suite ¥17,907 $2,569
Premium Single ¥24,411 $3,505


If you have any questions, please email