Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Selected Research Opportunities

From papers to capstone projects, from advanced laboratory research to fieldwork in the lanes and alleyways of Shanghai, research is a cornerstone of an NYU Shanghai education. Many of NYU's institutes in New York offer summer research opportunities and funding, such as the below. Meanwhile, students studying across NYU's global network work closely with professors in laboratories and research projects, take on research assistantships, co-publish and present with mentors and supervisors. 

NYU Shanghai Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund 

NYU Shanghai's flagship funding program for undergraduates outside of the academic year, the DURF annually funds students' summer research. Proposals should be made in collaboration with a faculty member(s) who will be supervising your work, and projects can be conducted individually or in groups. Each year, the competition opens in early spring, but applicants are encouraged to think through possible directions for their research throughout the year. Along with other research opportunities, DURF projects are presented each fall at the annual NYU Shanghai Global Research Symposium. 

NYU Shanghai Summer Student Research Program in Molecular Science (SRPMS)

The NYU Shanghai Summer Student Research Program in Molecular Science (SRPMS) is designed to foster entry into chemistry and biology research-centered careers for highly motivated undergraduates with a strong interest in chemistry, biology, or related scientific disciplines. Admitted students will have the opportunity to actively participate in research projects under the mentorship of a professor who is active at the forefront of his or her field of chemistry and biology. Students apply for positions in a roughly 2 to 3-month long program with flexible starting dates. A report summarizing the outcomes of the project is required. Students receive a stipend of RMB 3,000/month plus a housing allowance. Apply here. Questions? Email

NYU Shanghai Summer Research Experience Program in Physics (SRPP)

The NYU Shanghai Summer Research Experience Program in Physics (SRPP) is designed to foster entry into physics research-centered career for highly motivated masters and undergraduates with a strong interest in Physics or related scientific disciplines. The primary goal of this program is to extend NYU Shanghai’s research opportunities to non-NYU Shanghai students and to attract talented students to the field of Physics. 

Summer 1 Credit Practicum Course (in New York) 

The 1-credit Practicum course offered in New York will allow NYU Shanghai students who are non-US citizens to be eligible to participate in an internship or on-campus research in the US. A required component of the course is for students to obtain an approved internship or on-campus research experience. To allow for greater internship opportunities, students are able to obtain an internship anywhere within a four hour radius by ground transportation of New York City. Students who take the 1-credit Practicum course are required to attend the four in-person class meetings in New York, along with completing online modules, readings, and assignments. NYU Shanghai students are not required to live on campus at NYU New York or DC when enrolled in any summer courses. 

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (NYU Courant)

NYU's Mathematics Department sponsors summer research experiences (SURE) for a selected number of undergraduates math majors each year. The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience is aimed at advanced undergraduate math students in their junior year. For more information, click here.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program (NYU Center for Neural Science)

NYU's Center for Neural Science hosts undergraduates interested in pursuing a neuroscience research-centered career. Accepted students are placed in laboratory positions during a 10-week summer program, during which they contribute to ongoing research and undertake projects in New York University science labs. For more information, click here.

Summer Undergraduate Research Programs (NYU Langone, NYU Biology)

NYU's medical school sponsors a comparable, competitive summer program for undergraduates who have completed their sophomore or junior year of college and who aim to pursue a biomedical career. For more information, see here. For NYU Biology's summer research program, see here.

Summer Undergraduate Research Programs (NYU Abu Dhabi)

NYU Abu Dhabi provides an opportunity for limited number of undergraduate students at NYU New York, NYU Shanghai, and UAE-based universities to take part in research projects at NYU AD over the summer. For NYU Shanghai applicants, one must have successfully completed at least 44 credits, and have a cumulative GPA above 3.3, with a good academic and disciplinary record. For more information, see here.  For details on eligibility, see here.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University International Summer Research Internship Program

The SJTU International Summer Research Internship Program seeks to promote international research collaboration and to enhance the academic environment at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It offers top undergraduate students from around the world the opportunity to work at world class research laboratories under prominent research professors. Applications from NYU Shanghai students are encouraged, and scholarships may be available. For more information, please visit the Study@SJTU page.

Students from all NYU sites who will be in residence in Shanghai are welcome to apply to conduct research with NYU Shanghai faculty. To find an open position, simply log into the NYU Shanghai CareerNet.

Faculty are encouraged to hire student collaborators for new and ongoing research. Contact for assistance in administering your research position.