Information Assistants


Information Assistants (IAs) attend to the front desk, welcoming students to the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and Advising. They can help you learn more about the academic support available in the ARC, or make an appointment with your academic advisor, a Writing & Speaking Fellow, or a Learning Assistant. IAs also serve as the liaison between the ARC and the undergraduate student body to share feedback with the ARC and help the ARC promote and improve services.

Eligibility Requirements

ARC front desk picture

Information Assistants (IAs) are reliable and responsible with an enthusiasm for connecting students to academic resources. They are friendly and welcoming, with the ability to communicate effectively and solve problems efficiently. They are passionate about helping students access the ARC and providing feedback to the leadership team that can help the ARC work to engage students more effectively.

First and second-year students are prioritized for the IA position.

Application Deadline

Information Assistants are hired once per semester and begin work in the second week of classes. Please check the NYU Shanghai Handshake page for job openings before the beginning of each semester.

12PM, Tuesday, January 23, 2024 (China Standard Time)

Handshake Job ID: #8466221


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Frequently Asked Questions About Information Assistants
How many hours do IAs work?

IAs typically work 5-8 hours per week.

What do IAs do during their shifts?

IAs staff the ARC and Advising front desk on the 5th floor of the West Hall and direct students to ARC and advising appointments. They maintain the ARC space and ensure supplies and resources are well-stocked. IAs also work on semester-long group and individual projects with the goal of helping to advance ARC services, engage students in the ARC, and enhance their own professional skills and interests.

How does the IA position help prepare students for future jobs?

The IA position helps students develop time management skills, professional and collaborative skills like communication and leadership, and familiarize themselves with the processes of the Academic Resource Center and the department of Academic Affairs at NYU Shanghai. The job prepares students for future positions in administration and coordination. IAs are also encouraged to apply for Learning Assistant roles in their second or third university years.