Course Tutoring


Individual and Group Tutoring

Who we are:
ARC Learning Assistants (LA) are NYU Shanghai student tutors who provide course-specific academic support to NYU Shanghai students in and out of the classroom. LAs work closely with faculty and ARC staff to support student success and promote independent and active learning. LAs provide Individual and small-group tutoring in over 30 STEM, Business, Economics, IMA, and Chinese courses.

Where to find us:

  • Most course tutoring sessions take place in the ARC, 5th floor, Academic Building. Location for larger-group study sessions will be announced before the individual sessions.
  • IMA tutoring sessions take place in IMA Lab (Room 826).
  • Chinese tutoring sessions take place in Chinese Clinic (Room 965).

You may ask the Information Assistant (IA) at the front desk outside of the ARC for assistance if you can’t find your appointed Learning Assistant.

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Course supported:

  • Mathematics: PreCalculus, Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Probability & Statistics, Linear Algebra
  • Computer Science & Engineering: Intro to Computer Programming, Intro to Computer Science, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Machine Learning
  • Sciences: General Physics, Foundations of Chemistry, Foundations of Biology
  • Chinese: Elementary & Intermediate Chinese
  • Business/Finance & Marketing: Foundations of Finance, Principles of Financial Accounting, Stats for Business & Economics, Corporate Finance
  • Economics: Principles of MicroEconomics, Principles of MacroEconomics, Intermediate MicroEconomics, Econometrics, Intro to Game Theory
  • Interactive Media Arts: Interaction Lab, Communications Lab, Application Lab

By attending a tutoring session, you will:

  • Engage more deeply with course content, and engage more broadly with definitions and applications of course concepts.
  • Identify and use appropriate campus resources, habits, and opportunities that contribute to their academic and personal success.
  • Develop a connection with the NYUSH community and establish a college identity and sense of belonging.
  • Develop positive relationships and display appropriate academic demeanor with peers, staff, and faculty.

Appointments & Walk-ins
Course tutoring sessions are held in the form of office hours. Students are free to attend a session without advance appointment. Full schedule of course tutoring sessions can be found on WC Online under specific discipline tabs. 


  • Calculus Course Prep
  • Precalculus Course Prep

Find the schedule and RSVP on OrgSync.