Leave of Absence Policy

If you plan to take time off from study, you may be able to apply for a Leave of Absence (LoA). Prior to requesting a leave of absence, you should consider how it will impact your academic progress, study away, and graduation.

Duration of Leave of Absence (Personal & Medical):

minimum of one academic semester (4 months)
maximum of two academic semesters (8 months)

Personal Leave of Absence

Personal Leave of Absence

Students may choose to take a personal leave of absence because of internship, financial, family responsibility, and social engagement reasons.

Medical Leave of Absence

Medical Leave of Absence

A counselor or a physician should make a recommendation if a medical leave of absence is the appropriate choice for the student.

Leave of Absence FAQs

How can I prepare for course registration while I don’t have access to Albert during the leave of absence?

You can search for courses on Albert public course search, which doesn’t require login information. Please note you can enroll in courses on Albert once your registration hold is lifted by your academic advisor.

Will I still have my VPN valid during the LoA?

If students don't enroll in any courses, your VPN access might be ineligible because it only serves the current members of the NYU community.

Can I still access the academic building and campus services while I am on a leave of absence?

Students may not audit classes, hold a campus job, participate in a student organization, attend campus events, or live in NYU housing. Students may visit the campus and any other University-owned facilities only with the written permission of the Dean of Students or designee.

How will my health insurance be impacted during the leave of absence?

Checking with the student health center

Can I extend my leave of absence?

Students are eligible for two maximum semesters of leave. An extension or reduction of the leave period may be granted by the Dean of Students for good cause. Students cannot be reinstated for a particular semester after the registration deadline for that semester has passed.