Preprofessional Advising

Preprofessional advising serves as a resource to students who wish to pursue further education in preparation for careers in health and legal professions. The academic advising team at NYU Shanghai can work with the students who demonstrate such an interest to identify the proper undergraduate courses to satisfy the admissions requirements of medical or law schools.

If you are interested in pursuing graduate education in medical or law schools, you may email to schedule an appointment time that best fits in your schedule.


Medical schools in the United States usually require students to complete a portfolio of required course work during their undergraduate career. These courses often include, but are not limited to, physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, English writing, and social and behavioral sciences.

Students are highly recommended to watch the Application Year Overview: Commitee Process webinar. This presentation provides an overall picture of the application process of health professional schools. It also includes the timeline and components of the process. After watching this webinar, you should have an understanding of when and how you can apply to U.S. medical schools. Topics in this webinar include: Application Timing & Personal Readiness, Connecting Resources, Entrance Exams, Prehealth Commitee Application and the Interview, Letters of Recommendation, Primary Applications, Secondary Applications, Frequently Asked Questions, and Resources.


The liberal arts education that you are receiving at NYU Shanghai, especially through the Core Curriculum, is a central portion of your preparation toward law school. There is no prelaw major at NYU Shanghai. Law schools do not favor any one major and law school students come from diverse backgrounds. You can major in any subject area of your interest, from the humanities to neural science, where you can excel. Since verbal, critical thinking, and research skills are at the heart of the legal education, it is generally suggested that students take courses that are reading, writing, and research intensive.

We highly encourage students to contact the Career Development Center (CDC) if you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree.