Credit Overload

Overload Policy

  • First-Year Student: Credit overloads are not permitted in the first year.

  • Students are strongly recommended to maintain a minimum 3.0. GPA, have earned a 3.0 or above in the prior semester, and be in good academic standing to be considered for a credit overload.

  • Students are permitted to petition for up to 20 units (including credit overload).

  • Tuition and Fees: Additional tuition fee will be imposed for enrolling in over-credit limits. Review the information regarding additional tuition and fees and what overloading entails on the Bursar's website or contact with your questions.


Fall Semester: August 1st
Spring Semester: January 3rd

Processing Times

Please allow 1-2 weeks to be notified of the result.

Shanghai Course Enrollment: Students' overload requests will be reviewed after all final grades for the current semester are posted. Students would need to upload a transcript with grades for the current semester. 

Global Course Enrollment: Global course overload requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Overload FAQs
1. Can I request credit overload as a first-year student (earned credits: 0-32)?

No. First-year students can take up to 18 credits per semester. First-year students are encouraged to engage in campus activities and explore their academic interests.

2. I missed the credit overload request deadline. Can I still request a credit overload?

Yes, but your overload request cannot be guaranteed to be approved. Time management skill is important for students who would like to commit to a heavier academic workload. Petitions submitted after the deadline may be reviewed on a rolling basis after the deadline, requiring up to 2-3 weeks for review.

3. I haven't receive all my final grade yet. Can I submit an overload request?

Shanghai Course Enrollment: No, your overload request will not be approved if you do not receive all your final grades. It is required for students to upload a transcript with all final grades for the current semester. Please DO NOT submit an overload request if you do not have all your final grades on your transcript.

Global Course Enrollment:  Yes, you can submit an overload request without all final grades posted if you are intended to enroll in courses at global locations. Global course overload requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

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