The Hundred River Review

What is The Hundred River Review?

The Hundred River Review is a journal of excellent student writing produced in our core writing courses here at NYU-Shanghai. We celebrate essays that challenge our thinking, present us with new ways of seeing texts, build great arguments and model the writing goals of our core courses. We believe that students want to share their writing and read the work of their peers, and The Hundred River Review provides a space for this exchange.

We are working on the inaugural issue of the journal, and expect a publication date in late April 2017. Come back to peruse our selected essays!

How Can You Submit to The Hundred River Review?

Are you a student looking to submit your work for consideration to the HRR? You'll find more information and a submission form here.

Why Hundred River?

The journal's name draws from the Chinese idiom 海纳百川 (Hǎi nà bǎi chuān) or "the sea accepts one hundred rivers," a phrase which is sometimes paired with 有容乃大 (Yǒu róng nǎi dà), translated into English as  "a great person should be inclusive.” When combined, these phrases suggest that just as the sea is great because of its openness and depth, just as the sea can take in the waters of a hundred different rivers, a great person also accepts diversity.

The hundred rivers of The Hundred River Review acknowledge Shanghai’s position as an important port in the Yangtze River delta and its eclectic and all-embracing culture. They also pay homage to our diverse student body and the many-cultured spirit we hope to build here at NYU-Shanghai.