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Last Updated: April 26, 2022

NOTE: Content is subject to change. As we get more questions and information, the website will be updated with FAQs, and further announcements.

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New York Course Registration Instructions 

For 3rd semester seniors and sophomore students, the following materials will assist your registration in New York courses. The information below doesn't apply to regular study away students. 

In building your schedule you should focus on degree progress through the courses we have identified as having available seats. We do not expect additional courses to become available, though if you do find a course not on the equivalency chart that has available seats you could request through your advisor that it be evaluated for an exception to be included.  Your advisor can help you in determining how the courses you select this semester can fit into your four year plan to graduate and what adjustments will need to be made to course sequencing in later semesters.

  1. To review courses that have already been evaluated to fulfill NYUSH degree requirements, please see the Global Equivalency Sheet

  2. A list of Open Courses has been compiled for your convenience. Based on your fall 2022 registration in Shanghai courses, we evaluated the need for specific courses and (1) advocated for additional seats and sections in existing courses and (2) created a number of unique sections. Those are included within the open courses list. 

Below are the additional courses:

  1. IMA: Three Tisch undergrad IMA courses: IMNY-UT 252 Digital Fabrication; IMNY-UT 260 Useless Machines; IMNY-UT 282 Immersive Experiences.

  2. Computer Science: For assistance registering, please fill out the course request form.

  3. POH: 5 in-person sections, times to be announced.

  4. Stern-specific courses that are reserved as “Stern only”: Introduction to Financial Accounting (sections 4, 5); Foundations of Finance (sections 3, 5, 7); Introduction to Marketing (section 13) are also available to Shanghai students. You should have no trouble registering for those courses on your own, but if so, please fill out the course request form

  5. Chemistry: NYU Shanghai students are eligible to register for the following two lab sections, in which seats are being held in General Chemistry: CHEM-UA 125.204 and CHEM-UA 125.226. For assistance registering, please fill out the course request form

  6. Chinese language courses: CHIN-SHU-201-NY6 Intermediate Chinese I; CHIN-SHU-202-NY4 Intermediate Chinese II  

Frequently Asked Questions
1. The Fall 2022 study away application deadline has already passed. Can I still apply to study away for Fall 2022? 

Students who're eligible to study away may submit their study away applications after February 15, which will be reviewed on a rolling basis, as space remains available.

2. Will there be a remote study option?

No, students need to enroll in an approved in-person program. Note: Major capstones will have an online option for seniors to complete their graduation requirements.

3. When will Fall 2022 Semester Classes Begin?

See Academic Calendars for details.

4. How can I prepare for Fall 2022 course registration?

The registration guidance page guides you through the course registration process. It is highly recommended for students to prepare for registration at least one week before the registration starts.

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