Advising Information for Spring 2021

Updated: November 19, 2020

NOTE: Content subject to change. As we get more questions and information, the website will be updated with FAQs, further announcements, and updated course schedule.

Spring 2021 Academic Options for students who are now outside China:

Option A - The Transition Option

You may plan to return to Shanghai as soon as possible. If you pursue this option, you should register primarily for courses offered from Shanghai and take them remotely for the time being, so that your schedule will not need to be adjusted when you return to Shanghai.

Option B - The Remote Semester Option

You may take classes remotely for the entire semester. The instruction modes will continue to be updated in Albert before the registration week. The classes will combine asynchronous and synchronous instruction, and all students will receive academic support tailored to their personal circumstances. You may seek to register in any open class in the New York University network for which you meet the prerequisites.

Option C - The Go Local Option

This option is for available to students of all classes outside of China. If you are lawfully able to live and study in an NYU “Go Local” site without need for a student visa, you may indicate your interest with the Office of Global Programs through this website. Going Local during the Spring 2021 semester will not count as a “Study Away” semester. If you are interested in Going Local and have not already applied, you should do so as soon as possible. After submitting your application form, you will receive further communication from the Office of Global Programs. This option commits you to staying at the Go Local location for the full semester and precludes you from returning to China part-way through the semester. The Offices of Global Programs has cautioned that, given the pandemic situation, it is not at all clear what “Going Local” outside Shanghai will mean next semester; it would not be surprising if all classes on other campuses were to be offered only online.

Option D - Leave of Absence

If none of the first three Options work for you, the usual policy on taking a Leave of Absence (“LoA”) remains available. See Leave of Absence Policy and Tuition Refund Schedule. Because taking an LoA would delay your graduation, you should speak with your academic advisor before requesting such a leave.