Advising Information for Fall 2021

Updated: July 26, 2021

NOTE: Content subject to change. As we get more questions and information, the website will be updated with FAQs, further announcements, and an updated course schedule.

Updated Course Schedule (as of July 26, 2021)

Note: Check Albert Class Notes for information on synchronous or asynchronous instructions.

Email Announcements

First Year Students (requires NYU email login to access):

  1. Update for Students Working on Alternate Plans / Locations July 16, 2021
  2. Further Update concerning Fall 2021 Semester (ii) July 15, 2021
  3. Further Update concerning Fall 2021 Semester (i) July 8, 2021
  4. Update concerning Fall 2021 Semester July 2, 2021

Upperclass Students (requires NYU email login to access):

  1. Update for Students Working on Alternate Plans / Locations July 16, 2021
  2. Further Update concerning Fall 2021 Semester July 8, 2021
  3. Update concerning Fall 2021 Semester July 2, 2021

Academic Options

1. Study at NYU Shanghai

This option is for students who are already in Shanghai and/or have a visa AND flight in hand. Students will take in-person courses at NYU Shanghai. In some cases, online/ mixed mode courses will also be available.

2. Study at Another NYU Location (Apply by July 21)

This option is available for:

  • international students who are unable to travel to China and are able to obtain the necessary
  • visa for study in another location, OR already have a visa that permits them to study in the alternate location 
  • Chinese students who are eligible to study away

Students will take a combination of online courses offered from NYU Shanghai and in-person courses at your admitted site. The citizenship you hold and the immigration policies of the country where you wish to study will dictate your options. Please contact with questions.

3. 100% Remote

This option is for students who are unable to travel and/ or receive a visa to study at a NYU location. You can review a list of courses offered online/mixed mode. Courses will be updated in Albert on July 23. Registration for first year students begins August 16.

4. Leave of Absence

This option is for upper class students who prefer not to enroll in fall 2021. Please contact your academic advisor.

5. First Year Students Only: Deferred Admission or First Year Plus Option

This is for students who would like to delay full-time enrollment. Please contact the Dean Pe ( with your request for a deferral before August 7, 2021.

Daylight Savings Time Policy

Daylight Savings:
Europe: Ends Sunday, October 31
United States: Ends Sunday, November 7 
China: No change
Other countries: Varies

If students are registering for online or mixed mode, synchronously-taught courses, and if those courses are taught from an NYU site located in a different country from the student's location of study, then students should be aware of daylight savings dates, which may shift their course times at different moments in the fall semester. It is the student's responsibility to calculate these changes and leave a buffer when necessary. Faculty will not be expected to accommodate course time conflicts arising from daylight savings shifts. In cases where daylight savings time results in course time conflicts later in the semester, students will be expected to withdraw from course(s) with grade of W and without refund if after the add/drop deadline. Here is a time converter students can use to figure out their class schedules with the time change.

Frequently Asked Questions



1. Will my study away semester fall 2021 count against my maximum two semesters of study away?

If you are a junior or senior, study away fall 2021 will count as one of your maximum two semesters studying away. If you are a first year or sophomore student, you can elect that fall 2021 count or not count as your study away requirement and against your maximum two semesters away.



2. What is the application process to study at NYU Abu Dhabi? What are the eligibility requirements?

Some students have been invited to study at NYU Abu Dhabi based on visa and travel eligibility, including citizenship and current location. Only the students who were invited to apply may do so and expect to enroll. Invited students should immediately complete the application form using their NYU login information. Students are required to provide vaccination records and passport copies as soon as possible.
Please note students who have been approved to study away at NYUAD and submit their interest by July 19th, will receive additional communication during the week of July 25th.  This information will include visas, vaccination submissions,  tickets, arrival windows, logistics, NYUAD campus/ student life, and what you can anticipate upon your arrival.
Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact



3. Who can answer my questions about registering for classes?

Please contact your academic advisor for questions about registering for fall courses. You can find their name and email in Albert Student Center - Advisor Networks. 



4. I may not arrive by the start of classes. Can I join the semester late?

  • New York
    • Recommended arrival: August 27-29, 2021 (August 18-19 if quarantine on-campus is needed)
    • Latest day to join classes in person: September 15, 2021 (in-person classes start September 2, 2021)
  • Global sites (information to be updated soon)
  • Shanghai
    • For international students who require quarantine: If you are traveling from a location that requires quarantine, you should have arrived by now in order to complete the mandatory three week quarantine prior to the first day of classes (August 30). Students who arrive late will not receive excused absences from Academic Affairs; they will be referred to their faculty and expected to keep up with coursework during travel and quarantine. Academic accommodations will not be made for missed classes requiring in-person coursework during travel.
    • For Chinese students: If you have been to medium or high-risk areas, or you have been to the district which contains a medium or high-risk area, you should not come on the move-in day until your area returns to low risk. Your faculty will reach out to you about how to participate in your classes as you wait to arrive on campus.


1. I would like to study at a location other than NYU Shanghai. Will NYU help me obtain a student visa?

NYU will issue supporting documents so that you can apply for a visa to study in an alternate location. Given the timeline for this process, it may be difficult to obtain a visa for the start of classes in September. If you choose to study in a location that hosts an NYU study away site that does not require you to obtain a student visa that will simplify the process for you. 


1. Am I required to live in NYU housing at NYU’s locations outside of China? How/when can I apply?

When you are admitted, you will learn what housing options, if any, are available.


1. What is the COVID-19 vaccination requirement at the other NYU locations?

  • NYU requires all students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to have access to all NYU buildings in all global locations for the 2021–22 academic year.
  • Vaccines must be authorized by the FDA or be on the WHO list of approved vaccines.


2. When is the deadline to upload my vaccine card

New York: It is our expectation that students in the United States will be fully vaccinated and submit their proof of vaccination by July 19, 2021. If you can be vaccinated with an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccine but will not receive the final dose by July 19, upload your proof as soon as you complete all required doses. 


1. I received my Fall 2021 Bursar Bill and have made my payment, will my new location have differing costs?

Tuition will remain the same but other University charges such as for housing will be different than NYU Shanghai. Bills will be revised in early September once students have arrived at their locations. Other non-University expenses such as books, food, cost-of-living will vary.


2. Are there additional funding reserves available for the fall 2021 semester

  • Upperclass students can submit an appeal by July 18th if you have changes to your financial situation.
  • First Year students: The university leadership is exploring what options are available to the incoming first-year class.  Dean Pe will be updating students next week on this matter.