Academic Skills Workshops

Academic Skills Coaching

Academic Skills Workshops

ARC offers workshops on a broad range of topics from writing to time management, test preparation in various forms and frequencies. Click this page to access asynchronous online academic skills workshops. For future synchronous workshops, check out relevant information and RSVP on Engage.


ARC Workshop Series

Advanced Note-Taking: Taking Your Notes to the Next Level
Learn strategies to improve your note-taking detail and accuracy. Then, practice those strategies by applying them to a simulated lecture.

Advanced Time Management: Using Apps to Boost Your Productivity
Overwhelmed with coursework? Bring all of your syllabuses to this interactive ARC workshop so that you can create a master plan for your semester!

Advanced Academic Reading: Reading with Clarity, Precision, and Purpose
Read with purpose. Bring a short sample of your most challenging reading to this interactive ARC workshop so that you can apply strategies that can help you increase your understanding, analysis, and reading efficiency.

How to Start Writing: Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block
Combat writer's block! Bring an essay assignment from one of your classes, and apply the strategies you learn to start generating ideas for your academic writing.

Revising & Editing: Common Mistakes to Look For When You Edit Your Paper
Want to improve your essays? Bring an essay that you're working on or have recently submitted, and apply what you learn in this workshop to improve the clarity and coherence of your sentences, paragraphs, and essays.

Class Participation: Asking the Right Questions and Giving the Right Answers
Asking the right questions and giving the right answers: Make a strong impression with your professors. Learn and practice methods for keeping up with class conversations and participating more actively in group discussions.

Class Presentations: Compelling Ideas and Captivating PPTs
Want to become a more dynamic presenter? Bring your laptop so that you can start applying the strategies you learn for creating sleek PowerPoints and compelling content for your next class presentation.

Mastering Your Finals: Exam Prep & Performance Tips
From Calculus to Computer Science to Corporate Finance, you'll learn strategies for acing your finals.

Course-Specific Writing Workshops

GPS Essay Revising & Editing Workshop
Join this workshop to learn strategies to further strengthen your thesis statement/topic sentences and common issues to look for while revising your final paper.

GPS Writing Workshop: Interpreting Feedback for Revision
Join this week GPS study group to learn about how to incorporate professor’s feedback in the drafting process. This workshop will touch on three of the most common essay feedback: structure, wordiness and evidence integration. Bring your essay draft and professor comments and come learn about concrete strategies to implement on your final draft. 

Topic Sentences? Thesis Statements?
Join the ARC to learn more about how to write a strong thesis statement and how to craft succinct topic sentences.

GPS: Brainstorming 101
Join us for a workshop about how to develop your GPS topic and get writing! Bring any ideas you have so far and discuss how to further develop them.

Weekly Study Groups & Workshops

GPS Study Group
GPS study group is a space facilitated by Writing and Speaking fellows for students to develop close-reading, brainstorming, mind-mapping and note-taking strategies. Based on peer discussion of the readings and reviewing lecture notes, students can engage in interactive activities to help them dive more deeply into GPS course materials and recitation. Group study materials will be posted on NYU Classes as well.

EAP Study Group
Continue developing your listening and speaking skills at EAP Study Group. During our session, you will be engaging in activities to practice listening, note-taking, and presenting. We look forward to seeing you there!

GPS Final Exam Review
Come to the GPS Final Exam Review. We will work together to map key themes and concepts that have developed across the course. We will also spend time focusing on discussion questions, as well as work to understand clearly the expectations laid out in the exams.

EAP Final Listening Exam Practice Session
Want more practice to prepare for your EAP listening exam? Come join us on Sunday, December 1st. During our session, we will practice listening, note-taking, and answering questions (from fill-in-the-blanks to short answer questions). We look forward to seeing you there!

New Student Orientation Workshop Series

Academic Integrity Workshop
The workshop can help students identify values underlying Academic Integrity, develop understanding of NYU Shanghai's Academic Integrity policy, and apply values and NYU Shanghai's Academic Integrity policy to various real-life scenarios. 

Summer Reading Workshop
The workshop can help students define values that help to build an inclusive community at NYU Shanghai and identify strategies for negotiating cultural or interpersonal obstacles that you may face at NYU Shanghai. 

Preparing for Classes Workshop
The workshop can help students learn about services and programs offered by the ARC and practice strategies for improving class participation and communication with professors.

Join a Scholarly Discussion
What does "entering into a scholarly discussion" mean? What is a "citation"? How can you know if a source is "scholarly" or not? This workshop prepares you for the scholarly life at NYU Shanghai and helps you start the journey of becoming a young rising scholar. This workshop is a part of the academic integrity series, and part of an ongoing discussion about building a community of integrity and scholarship at NYU Shanghai.

Using Sources in Academic Writing
Citations and Source Integration is intended to provide guidance as you work on your first Global Perspectives on Society (GPS) writing assignment. In this workshop, you will learn how to integrate texts into your writing and format in-text citations. This workshop is a part of the academic integrity series, and part of an ongoing discussion about building a community of integrity and scholarship at NYU Shanghai.

GPS Course Prep: Reading & Note-Taking Tips for Success
Bring your first GPS Reading to this interactive ARC workshop so that you can apply reading & note-taking tips to prepare for your first class!

Productivity Hacks: Manage Your Time and Master Your Semester
Bring all of your syllabuses to this interactive ARC workshop so you can create a master plan for a successful semester!

Boosting Your Creativity: How to Generate Ideas for College Writing
Learn fun, creative techniques that will help you generate ideas for academic essays and begin writing.

4 Tips for Better Writing: How to Write with Style, Clarity, and Precision
Learn strategies for writing that will improve the clarity and coherence of your sentences, paragraphs, and essays.