English for Academic Purposes

Our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses offer students a literacy education which acculturates them into the liberal arts academy. These small seminars, with content ranging from business ethics to visual culture, allow you to practice crucial scholarly practices and to grow in your confidence as a member of NYU Shanghai’s academic community.   

In EAP, you will learn how to participate more effectively in academic culture through active speaking and listening. You will work to  improve your discussion and presentation skills. You will practice collecting information in aural form, for example by conducting research interviews, and then you will use this information to achieve various academic purposes. In order to succeed, you will have to learn how to learn better--a process that requires reflection. In each EAP seminar, you will carry out an experiential learning project for which it will be essential to communicate beyond the walls of the university. It is our hope that these experiences will develop your confidence in communication and help you foster the growth of a sense of responsibility for your future learning and language development. These seminars, which range over subjects from business ethics to Shanghai’s urban environment, are meant to provide you opportunities to explore your academic interests, test your academic skills, and begin to develop your intellectual self.

EAP courses are a part of the core curriculum here at NYU Shanghai, and fulfill the language requirement for students who do not take Chinese language classes.

For more information about core curriculum requirements, please contact your academic advisor.