The NYU Alumni Executive Mentor Program

In a survey on alumni programming, over 35% of NYU Shanghai students surveyed ranked “mentoring from an alumnus/a” as their No. 1 top priority. Based on this feedback, the NYU Global Alumni Programs collaborated with the NYU Shanghai Center for Career Development to create this mentorship program which launched in spring 2015. Students participated in an application process and the selected mentees were paired with an executive level alumnus/a working in Asia.

Each year the program holds a reception to kick off the program, as well as a final appreciation dinner at the end of the semester. Students and mentors are encouraged to meet several times throughout the year. During these meetings, mentors gave students insight into real world perspectives, and provide advice and guidance for their future career goals.



Mentorship Stories


Thank you so much to our previous and current Alumni Mentors. We are extremely grateful for their generosity and support to our student mentees!
Alan Li, Stern MBA '06 Alfred Wong, Stern MBA '94
Anabela Mok, CAS '00 Andy Xia, Stern '12
Callum Li, Tandon '12 Crystal Gao, Stern '00
Daniel Li, Stern MBA '04 Danny Bao, Stern MBA '01
Derrick Miu, Stern MBA '03 Eddie Chen, Tandon '95
Edward Hsu, Law '05 Felicia Li, Stern '95
Gloria Song, Stern MBA '07 Guoyao Wu, Tandon '10
Jack Huang, Stern EMBA '12 James Chang, Stern MBA '01
Jeff Wang, Stern MBA ' 02 Jesse St. John, Stern MBA '13
Jie Zhu, Law '06 Joshua Fu, Tisch '10
Joshua Kurtzig, Stern MBA '04 Julliet Pan, Tisch '04
Lei Yao, Stern '15 Leon Huang, GSAS '11
Mark Yang, Courant '99 Michael Mi, Stern MBA '00
Peng Jin, Stern '98 Peter Koo, Stern MBA '95
Ray Lu, Stern '11 Robin Cheung, WSC '85
Scott Chang, Stern MBA '06 Stephanie Tang, Law '04
Theodore Low, Stern '03 Walter Tong, Stern MBA '03
Wayne Lee, Stern '03 Wei Gu, GSAS '02
William Hsieh, Stern MBA '00 Yang Xia, Stern MBA '03
Yun Zhou, Law '01 Zhen Ji, Courant '97


Interested in participating?

Interested in participating?

Alumni can submit a one page introduction of yourself, including your name, a photo, NYU graduation school and year, current job title and employer, area of expertise, and a short professional bio. Send the above introduction to

Students keep an eye out for our annual application announcement every winter.