Dinner with Six

Dinner with Six is a new initiative co-hosted by NYU Global Alumni Programs and the NYU Shanghai Career Development Center that launched in April 2016. The dinner series invites students into nearby restaurants for a casual and relaxed meal. This small dinner party brings everyone together in a warm, friendly environment for good food, conversation, and camaraderie. For students, it's an opportunity to eat a free, delicious meal, meet new friends, and make valuable connections. Aside from the free food and fun, Dinner with Six provides students a space to network with NYU alumni who work and live in Asia and meet and socialize with other students. In its inaugural year, 6 NYU alumni hosted 6 dinners in locations around Shanghai.


Student participants were full of positive comments from the experience:

"It's a great opportunity for students to step out of their comfort zones and get more comfortable with networking with professionals."

"The talk we conducted during the dinner was really thought-provoking and I learned a lot about the questions I'm concerned with."

"The alumna was awesome and she talked a lot about her experience, failures and success."

Thank you to our generous hosts who made these April 2016 dinners possible:

  • Frank Yao, Stern MBA ’98
  • James Han, Tandon ’88
  • Bin Li, GSAS Ph.D. in Physics, ’92
  • Wy-En Yap, CAS ’04
  • Alex Yong Peng, Stern MBA ’04
  • Xiaoming Zhang, Tisch ’98, Stern EMBA ’03


Thank You To Our Generous Hosts Who Made These April 2017 Dinners Possible:

  • Lisa Chang, Stern '99
  • Teddy Liu, Stern '03
  • Anthony Zhao, Law '99
  • Ann Yen, Tisch '85 
  • Andrew Fang, Stern MBA '08


We plan to continue the program each year. Interested alumni, should contact xin.wei@nyu.edu with any questions. We hope that you will get involved!