Getting Started

This is a picture of a student reviewing their Orientation Schedule in their Dorm Room.

This page provides important information and links for first-year students who will start their fall semester at NYU Shanghai. Please read the following information carefully. If you have any questions, please contact


Activating Your NYU Email

The summer before you arrive at NYU Shanghai, you will receive important information, tasks, and deadlines via email. Please note that the personal email address you provided in your application to NYU Shanghai will only be used for the first newsletter from New Student Programs. All subsequent communication will be delivered to your NYU email only. To avoid missing important information and deadlines, please make sure to activate your NYU email at There, you will also be asked to set up NYU’s DUO Multi-Factor Verification, an information security measure which is required to access your NYU email and other NYU affiliated accounts. After setting up your account, you will be able to access your NYU Email and Google Apps for NYU through NYU Home.

Since most students will acquire a new mobile phone number after arriving in Shanghai, you are recommended to install the DUO mobile app. This authentication app will allow you to verify your identity with or without a mobile phone number, data, and/or access to the internet. Click here or email for help setting up NYU’s DUO Multi-Factor Authentication.


Applying for a Student Visa (International Students)

All international students must have a valid China student visa to study in China. Our Student Mobility Team will do everything possible to help you with your visa, but ultimately the Chinese government and your local consulate have the authority to issue a visa. It is therefore important to fully understand the requirements of your local consulate and provide all relevant documents when you apply for your visa.

An official invitation letter confirming that you are enrolled to study at NYU Shanghai is one of the crucial pieces of documentation you will need. In order to produce this letter, please fill out the Visa Survey from our Student Mobility Team. The Visa Survey will be included in the first newsletter you receive from New Student Programs. We strongly advise that you complete this Visa Survey as soon as possible. Any delay in filling out the Survey may negatively impact whether you will be able to study at NYU Shanghai. If you have any questions about visa and immigration procedures, please contact


Online Pre-Arrival Orientation

Living away from your family and starting university is challenging. To help you in this process, we have designed an interactive online Pre-Arrival Orientation that will help prepare you to start university at NYU Shanghai. As you watch videos created by New Student Programs and take quizzes, you will learn about important safety tips and university resources that will help you succeed at NYU Shanghai.

If you are a new Chinese learner or want to know more about navigating the city, we have created optional Pre-Arrival Modules that you can complete.

Access to our Pre-Arrival Orientation and our optional Pre-Arrival Modules will be emailed to you during the Summer. Your Pre-Arrival Orientation must be completed before you arrive to NYU Shanghai for Freshman Orientation.

Summer Newsletters

Starting on May 14th, you will receive a series of summer newsletters that will help you prepare for your journey to NYU Shanghai.  All newsletters will be sent to your NYU email address, so make sure you set up your NYU email to avoid missing important information. This is the current timeline for Summer Communication:

  • May 14th- Setup NYU Email, Visa Survey, Move-In and Orientation Dates, etc.
  • June 11th - Bill and Payment, Immunization & Insurance, Housing Application, etc.
  • July 9th- Academic Accommodations, Pre-Arrival Orientation (Tentative), etc.
  • July 23rd- Welcome Chinese Students, NYU ID Card, Summer Reading Online Discussion, etc.
  • August 13th- Competitive Sports Tryout Schedule, Freshman Orientation Information, etc.

*Please note the following:

  • Due to the Chinese admissions process, students with Chinese nationality will only start to receive official correspondence by email after July 23nd.
  • This schedule was updated on May 10th, 2019.
  • This is a tentative schedule and changes may be made to the content and or dates of these newsletters. If there are major date changes, New Student Programs will notify you by email.