Event Highlights

  • Who’s Afraid of Feminism: A Panel Discussion | 2019 Spring Semester

    Who’s Afraid of Feminism” is an earnest and thought-provoking discussion on feminism across generations and societies. The panel presented diverse views on heated topics, from the gendered division of labor at home, to women in workplaces, from the history of feminist movement in the West to feminist activism in today’s China.

  • Celebrate Women | 2019 Spring Semester

    Created by Nicole Chan ’13, CELEBRATE WOMEN is a commentary on the diversity and complexity of the female identity. In this photography initiative, women are invited to respond to the question:“What empowers you?” Each participant is photographed with a personal empowerment symbol (or symbols), and given creative control over the visual narrative, with technical support from an experienced photographer.

    The project aims to address issues such as the lack of female representation in the art world, lack of varied female representation in the media, and the objectification and simplification of women. In Spring 2019, student photographers photographed more than 50 NYU Shanghai community members. The photos were later exhibited in the Allyship in Action Lounge on the 6th floor of the Academic Building.

  • A Conversation with Michelle Kwan | 2018 Fall Semester

    Figure skating legend Michelle Kwan shared bubble tea with a group of students, and answered their questions about her career, the Asian American experience, and her political activism.

  • Games of Humanity | 2018 Spring Semester

    Can gaming be a tool to promote equal representation, inclusivity, and social justice? Games for Humanity provided the participants a chance to have fun while reflecting on global inequality, the gender pay gap, and racism through board games, video games, and trivia.

    Konrad Krawczyk '19, Esther Zhirui Yao '20, Emilio Madrazo '20 and Lina Mishachkovska '21 coordinated the event.

  • More Information, Less Diversity? The Problems with Digital Media and How We Can Fix Them | 2018 Spring Semester

    More Information, Less Diversity?” was a talk by Kecheng Fang (方可成), a former political journalist at Southern Weekly, and founder of the newsletter - Newslab(新闻实验室). The speaker addressed how algorithm-based recommendations, cognitive bias, and the digital media business models impact our awareness of diversity issues and understanding of minority groups. He also identified strategies for diversifying one’s personal media consumption, and improving the information ecosystem that surrounds each individual.