Career Action Plan

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Figuring out your career path can seem complicated and intimidating but early planning can make a huge difference. During your four years at NYU Shanghai, we encourage you to use our comprehensive four-year career plan. This will serve as a compass directing you towards your career goals. Just remember that this serves only as a guideline, and you may find yourself on a different timeline from your peers or the one below. This doesn’t necessarily affect your career outcomes and it certainly doesn’t determine your future success. Speak to a career coach to tailor your own action plan and achieve your goals. 

  • Freshman (First Year): Exploring your Interests and NYU Shanghai
    Understanding yourself and your interests is the first and most important step to define your career goals. Getting involved with campus activities and your community will build connections and resources to help you in your career exploration.

  • Sophomore (Second Year): Choosing a Direction
    Investigate all of your career options. Gather information about the nature of different types of work through print and online resources, people in the field, and trying them out yourself. Participate in career-related events and programs to connect with alumni or other mentors that work in your industries of choice.

  • Junior (Third Year): Gaining Relevant Experience
    Gain first-hand experience in various career areas and obtain marketable skills by participating in volunteer, internship, summer, or part-time positions. Attend CDC events and get support to enhance your job hunting skills.

  • Senior (Fourth Year): Preparing for Life After NYU Shanghai
    This is the time to utilize all your skills, resources and contacts to help you successfully apply to full-time positions and/or graduate school programs. Work closely with your faculty, academic advisors and CDC to help you smoothly transition from college to the workplace or graduate degree.

To schedule a career coaching appointment, log in to NYU Shanghai CareerNet.