Career Action Plan

Career Action Plan

Figuring out your career path can seem complicated and intimidating, but early planning can make a huge difference. Our comprehensive four-year career plan serves as a guide to help you achieve your career goals. Your actual journey will be unique, and may not resemble that of your peers or match the four-year action plan exactly. Speak to a career coach to tailor your own action plan and set achievable goals.

Four Year Career Action Plan (PDF)

The first step to defining your career goals is a deep understanding of yourself and your interests. Get involved in campus activities and your university community. This will help you identify strengths and interests, connect you with resources, and build your network.


Investigate a wide range of career options. Supplement print and online research with first-hand knowledge from individuals working in your fields of interest. Participate in career-related events and programs to connect with NYU alumni and potential mentors.


Get some work experience under your belt. Volunteer, do an internship, take a summer or part-time job. Attend CCD events to find work opportunities, and get support from a career coach to improve your chances of landing an internship or part-time position.


Leverage all of the skills, resources, and contacts you’ve accumulated over the last four years when applying for full-time positions and/or graduate school programs. Work closely with faculty, academic advisors, and the CCD to transition from university life.