What should I pack?

Here is a packing list made by our students.

What is the room equipped with?

Every room comes with a bed frame, mattress, linens, desk, chair, and dresser per student. Each room also has an air conditioner, air purifier, and waste basket.


What are the kitchen supplies available?

All kitchens come with pans, pots, a wok, a spatula and a ladle, cutting boards, knives, a drying rack, a microwave and a rice cooker. The residence hall does not have any ovens because they pose a fire safety hazard. 

Do I need to bring a voltage adapter?

Regarding electronics, the first thing to check if the voltage in your country. China runs on 220V and you can Google search your own country’s voltage to check. If your country’s voltage is lower than 220V and you plan to bring an appliance from your home country, you may need a voltage adapter. However, it is recommended to buy that specific appliance from Shanghai when you arrive if possible.

China also uses a specific outlet which, if you plan on bringing electronics from your home country, might require an outlet adapter. Although it is possible to buy some here, it’s recommended to get one before you arrive here if possible. 

How do I open a bank account, and what bank account do you recommend?

To open a local bank account, you will first need a local cellphone number. There are many different banks in China. The ones that are closest to campus would be ICBC or China Merchant. We have an ICBC ATM machine on the B1 level of the campus building. You can go across the street to open an account (Bring your passport).

What do I do if I run out of medication during the school year?

Before you come to China, you should plan on bringing enough medication to last the entire semester. Most foreign medicine brands are not sold in China, but you may contact our Health and Wellness department to assist you.

Where can I buy groceries and other items for my room?

HeMaXianSheng盒马鲜生: 3611 Zhangyang Road/Jinqiao Road (5 minute walk)
Carrefour: 555 BiYun Road / Yunshan Road (5-10 minute taxi ride / 20 minute walk)
Modern House: 3611 Zhangyang Road/Jinqiao Road (5 minute walk)
City Shop: 490 HongFeng Road / MingYue Road (5 minute taxi ride / 15 minute walk)


Where can I get a sim card or cellphone?

The JinQiao International Complex across the street has various cell phone carriers. Please bring your passport with you. You can also visit GOME across the street (it’s like a Best Buys). You may also attend scheduled Jinqiao Neighbor Tour on July 9th at 4:00pm to explore the neighbor.

What should I do if something broke in my room?

For routine requests, please submit a Work Order using the NYU Shanghai WeChat Enterprise Account. You can find QR codes around the Residence Hall with this information. You can also submit a request by emailing shanghai.facilities@nyu.edu. In case of emergency, please contact Public Safety.