First-Year Students

Welcome to NYU Shanghai! As you probably know by now, NYU Shanghai is a global community where you can find people from more than 70 countries, step outside of your comfort zone, and “Make the World Your Major.”

NYU Shanghai Students

To support you in your first year of college, the New Student Programs team under the Office of Student Life has planned and designed events, workshops, and dialogues to help you transition into this vibrant community.

The summer before you arrive at NYU Shanghai, you will be contacted by your Orientation Ambassador (OA). OAs are NYU Shanghai upperclassmen who can give you advice on finding your bearings as a student here, and help you prepare for what’s coming.

Upon arrival at NYU Shanghai, you will join your peers and Orientation Ambassador in our Orientation Week and First Year Dialogue. Your Orientation Week will be an introduction to the university resources at your disposal and will give you an opportunity to get to know your classmates. First Year Dialogues are a series of talks that will enable you to discuss the challenges of being a new student, with topics such as navigating roommate relationships, culture shock, and thriving in a diverse environment.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to make new friends, understand different cultures, and start testing the boundaries of your comfort zone. Welcome to your new life as one of NYU Shanghai’s proud global citizens!